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Join our river family! We are a rafting and kayaking company, located right on the Sarapiqui River, the cleanest river in Costa Rica. We offer a variety of river and ecotours, so there are always tourists from all over the world here. We also have lodging in a private, shared room and camping area right on the river. As a volunteer, you could help us attract more tourists by creating content for our website and social media platforms, taking beautiful photos and videos of our operation, and assisting with our river rafting tours and kayak clinics. While you are here, enjoy the abundant wildlife in addition to numerous species of birds that live here. Swim in the natural pools of the Sarapiqui River, walk on our trails and hop on one of our rafting and kayaking tours. Sarapiqui Outdoor Center is located in La Virgen de Sarapiqui in the province of Heredia; just 90 minutes from San Jose, 2 hours from Limon and under an hour from La Fortuna de San Carlos (Arenal Volcano).

Since 1990 Sarapiqui Outdoor Center Rafting & Kayaking Costa Rica has offered the best in tours and white water rafting and kayaking clinics. We pride ourselves in being a small, family-owned operation, where our employees and volunteers feel like family, and we always make our guests feel at home. We put a personal touch on everything we do. Our culture is one of giving and receiving. Treat others with respect and you will be treated as such. Share with others and they will share with you. Respect Mother Nature and the river and she will be kind to you. During your stay here, you will become part of a Costa Rican family. This is a great opportunity to improve your Spanish language skills and really immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture.


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I had an amazing experience at the outdoor Center. Everyone treated me like family. It's good to practise your Spanish and to teach them some English.

about 4 years ago



The outdoor center it selfs is a building project. So you can be part of the project and see how it grows. The place is beautifull in the nature. Far away from everything wich is sometimes when you want to do something else a difficult point but you can walk to the small town (where you can buy food) or ask for a kayak in agreement and train your skills. The staff is very kind and the work very light if you get the same hours I had make sure you have a book in the office :p Doña Mercedes is a fabulous women where you can talk with and who helps with everything you need. Good luck

about 4 years ago



The place is really nice and we had great times! There was only a misundestanding at the begining, in their profile they said "ingredients will be given but you have to cook", but when we arrived they said that there was a mistake and we had to buy our food. 2 days later, the owner gave us some beans and rice to cook. We were supposed to work 4 hrs a day, but we were working 6 or 8.
In the other hand, the staff is really nice! We hang out with all of them. And we had great times! We got a rafting tour for free!
Another thing, u have to learn how to handle with the owner, he's a bit grumpy.

about 4 years ago

El Salvador


This place is full of peace, charming people, the reception guy is very kind and friendly. The weather is great. You can practice your English or another language because the outdoor recieve people from every part of the world.
I was there on 23th and on christimas eve, and the family was really awesome they adopted me instantly, around the outdoor center is located a peaceful town, you could go wallking,
I took the shift from 16:00 to 20:00 is not a lot of work. I will recommend to the travelers to take their camp tents or ask photos of your accommodation.

over 4 years ago

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