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Our School is located in Tuyen Quang, Vietnam, the province is home to a great number of historical and cultural relic sites, and three national special relic sites is the Na Hang Nature Reserve which is dubbed the on-land Ha Long Bay with green mountains, impressive caves and waterfalls and primitive forests, well-known for thousands of flora and fauna species.
As the home of 22 tribes (Tay, Dzao, Hmong, Pa Then....), the province is famous for two UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritages of Humanity, including Then - a type of performance combining literature, music and dance - of the Tay, Nung and Thai, and the festival honoring Mother Goddesses - the heaven, water and mountains and forests goddesses - at the Thuong, Ha and Y Lan temples in the province. The province is also rich in festivals such as the annual Tuyen Quang city festival (or Tuyen Quang Mid-Autumn Festival), nhay lua (fire jumping), the crop-harvesting festival of the Pa Then, and long tong (going to the fields) of the Tay.

Our school wishes to provide an opportunity for volunteers to learn and gain valuable skills. School's staff takes pride in being able to support their volunteers and ensure that their experience is rewarding for volunteers. -Meals: We provide three meals per day, including a private kitchen with local, seasonal fresh food, fruits. We believe that the preparing meals together in the kitchen is a wonderful way of interacting with family members and friends, it creates life time memories -Accommodation: Volunteers will stay at our school's guesthouse, the comfortable house has 6 bedrooms rooms located over 3 floors with 1 – 2 volunteers per room. Each floor has its own bathroom with western style facilities and hot showers. Fans and air-conditioning are available for comfort during the summer months and bed linen is provided so volunteers need only bring personal toiletries and towels.


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This is a very short space to describe how wonderful this place is. Thành and her family and everyone in the school were so warm and welcoming, you feel like home. You get a weekly schedule so you can plan ahead the clases and your free days.

Thành provides and helps you with absolutely everything you need and more.
This is one of the best volunteers I’ve done, if not the best. That’s why I extended 2 more weeks and regretted not extending more when I left.

Thank you for absolutely everything.

about 1 year ago



I am having good experience so far

over 1 year ago

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