Self-sufficient life in the forest cultivate what eat myself and make what need myself.

I had immersed in the business as engineer or manager over 20 years, but one day I noticed my single life needs joy of living rather than stable high income. So I moved to deep nature area of South Izu Shizuoka in October 2016 and began to challenge self-sufficientic life at this countryside using previous experience and small savings.

Wild nature is beautiful but harsh. I have to do a lot to keep living there. For example, they are farm work, cut trees, repair a house, and so on. I can do them by only myself enough, but If there are persons who work stoic with me in this tough environment and want to get many experiences, I will accept their homestay to my place. I would like to provide that opportunity as host and return the favor to society since I also have learned a lot from farmstay experiences. Furthermore, if visitor become hosts based on their experience here, it will be a welcome cycle for me.

~~ What you get by staying here ~~

By staying at my house, it is possible to experience Japanese lifestyle and countryside life.
By helping my work, it is possible to learn how to use various tools and get pleasure the crop growing and harvesting.
By interacting with me or peoples living in this area, it is possible to foster a wide view of life.

A stay in this place will be a great opportunity for someone who has experienced one life to find a new second life. Urban or rural, civilization or nature, society or individuals, subordination or independence, logic or sense, material or spirit, reason or instinct, Ideal or reality. . . Here is a good environment for consideration about now and next self by various comparison and overviews. Perhaps it will contribute to make visitors mind stronger and richer, too.

If you just want to touch the surface of the culture of this area comfortably, I recommend you staying at the hotel and sightseeing. But if you stay my home and live with me for a certain period, we must support each other as a member of the family and share joy and suffering. If you regard it as merit and want positive involvement, your homestay will be meaningful and that choice is appropriate.

~~ Attitude of required ~~

Here is Japan. Visitors must respect and adhere to this country's manners and regulations. Also they must stay according to the custom of this place rather not their own ones. For that, they need flexibility and purity of the brain and mind, and the ability to guess. These are the same in help time and in free time. Visitors behavior will affect the host and people living in that area and will be reflected in the response to the next visitors. If someone dirty it by egoism, no one will be welcomed afterwards. So visitors should always be conscious that they are representatives of their respective countries and worldpackers volunteers. The safety and cleanliness of this country is keeping by the efforts of people living there and visitors. Think about why so many unmanned stores in the area have continued without trouble.

Many Japanese are kind, so we will use inexperienced English and try to respond to foreign visitors. However, in essence, what it should be like is that the visitors use the language of this country as much as possible to communicate. It is not necessary to be perfect, but its effort is important and leads to trust. If you try to communicate positively, it will be possible to learn it in help time, meal time, free time. However language is just a tool. The most important thing is to learn the living and work culture of this country and use that experience for your life! So those who want to learn languages by staying in a room at fine day never fit my place, they have to choose a language school.

Speak to me in Japanese or English with easy words and gestures because I am "nano" English speaker and listener.

~~ What do I expect from the volunteers ~~

Maintenance of farm, harvesting and sorting of crops, seeding / planting, fertilization, disinfection, tree cutting, firewood making, house repair, other. Many of them needs to use muscle power and the body gets dirty. Sometimes it is hot, cold, windy, but we have to do them. Also humans and animals are competing for survival every day in here, so person who can not kill even a pest can never adapt.

My countryside life is never slow. Many tasks are required to be promptly implemented and completed within limited time such as season, weather, time etc. In addition, we have to guess and judge as to what to do or should not as appropriate in advance. Also we need risk management.

For the host, it is nuisance those who can not get up at the scheduled time, those who can not gather at the work start time, or those who can not prepare and can not clean. In addition, I don't want to accept those who give up or escape on the way. The same is true for person who can not self control and person with little help mind. Don't request staying if you don't have enough mind and body and power to accept these situation because mismatch is a disadvantage for both sides.

Also I do not need person who refuse advice, who do not learn quickly, who with low self-management ability. Person who do not have an independent adult spirit is a disturbing one for host. Host is everytime busy, so if it takes a lot of time to respond to stayers who are not self-sustaining like child, it is nonsense and serious damage to the host. In such a case I will interrupt their stay without hesitation.

I am strict about work as like many other Japanese chief. So I also evaluate volunteer's work severely and sometimes I will coach you to improve that quality and efficiency. Do you against it, or do you accept it obediently and improve yourself? Get out from here if you can not adapt to it because you are never a slave or VIP. In fact, some visitors who underestimated the farm work were fled in a few days. Conversely, I welcome you who challenge them with high motivation or ambition, and I will give a lot of valuable wisdom for your future life. Of course anyone who is inexperienced in work will be tired. But person will upgrade when overcoming it and will get great pleasure.

Stance is more important than skill. What I expect to volunteers is sincerity and enthusiasm. In Japan there is a proverb that "Excellent hawks hide their nails", persons boast their own abilities are never highly appreciated. It is respected who always recognize own incomplete, and who act humbly to learn. So if a person who flaunts big himself fails or has poor outcome, it will be a serious disgrace and will lose trust soon. Also, in this country, behavior that takes into consideration the parties and surrounding people is regarded as virtue rather than strongly insisting on themselves. So if it make an excuse without apologizing, it will be despised.

I am a person being who plans early and acts based on it. I know that "Make plan and execute it" is most important for efficiency and safety because I was a company leader education trainer. So I don't accept unplanned person, very loose ones, whimsy ones and unpunctual ones. Of course the same applies to those who do not follow instructions or rules. Person who change schedule frequently or immediately before is risky to the host and I refuse its stay. Interestingly, most unplanned people say "I am always positive". It sounds to me like "I don't think about the risks ahead". Even if they are positive, they don't consider about annoyance given to surrounding people. The responsible adult have a little worry about the future and will cope in advance in order to act smoothly without causing problems.

On outdoor tasks, every season volunteer must wear long sleeves, long trousers, working boots, gloves and hat for protection. It is necessary for the safety and health of the volunteers, it is not acceptable changing it with their selfishness. If it is difficult to bring working boots, it can purchase for about 1,500 yen on site on the arrival day.

Host will judge applicant's aptitude by reading on the contents of the request message and profile, therefore if these descriptions are too little, that it will be out of the candidates. It is same when response time is too late. I only welcome applicants who have a mature spirit sufficiently. And I do not like the following person: with tattoo, with body piercing, with flashy manicure, with long extended nails, with unnatural dyeing hair, smartphone addicts, unsanitary (Ex. who not wash body, hands, teeth, clothes), low predictive ability, lack of concentration, restless, non sensible, rude, childish, not learn, ignore advice or order, selfish, big spender, handle tools or equipments roughly, do without permission, no report, no check, no plan, no caring, poor mind.

~~ Acceptance conditions and period ~~

In principle my recruiting volunteer conditions are only one person (doesn’t accept couples or pairs), stay at least 1 month or more. Long-term stay is also possible. After help 5 hours a day for 5 days, volunteer then has 2 days off. Volunteer can assist with me in the morning and use free time all afternoon. Many of the past volunteers selected help time from 7 am to 12 am because it was most reasonable. The timing can be adjusted as desired. However depending on the weather, host may request to change time or day because almost of tasks to need help is on outdoor.

Regular target period is from March to May and from September to November. I will stop to recruit it before a month and I don't accept the "last minute requests" for avoid many troubles. So it must be planned early with reference to calendar on "AVAILABILITY" above and send request more than few month before the desired stay.

~~ Accommodation and facilities ~~

I prepare a room of my house exclusively for travelers. It is a traditional Japanese style room with Tatami mat, Shoji screens and Futon bedsets. Other facilities are shared with the host. Clean water is supplied and sanitary toilets and hot showers are available. An indoor kitchen can be used for cooking. However, wasteful use of water and energy is prohibited because we need maximum effort to save that. Here is never hotel, so staying person need to keep room and shared facilities clean at all times. If this is not done, the host will kick it out from my house.

My house is a little old. And many wild animals and insects appear around it. Some of them harm human beings. So it is not suitable for stays of nervous person or weak one. On the other hand, luckily, there is no large dangerous animals like a bear around here. Of course there is no crazy animals that trigger terrorism or shoot guns random too.

~~ Meals ~~

Host and visitors eat the same meal. It is never luxurious, but includes the homemade vegetables and the grace of the forest, and its volume is numerous. It will be very good experience if volunteer cook and taste vegetables harvested itself. Also this meal often includes meat, fish, and Japanese unique ingredients. I can only accept person who can eat every foods without restriction and aversion, because I can not provide meals tailored to whose allergy, eating habits, faith. In this country, eating without leaving food is important courtesy to suppliers and ingredients. And it is an important element for obtaining a deep understanding of culture. Although it is not limited to food, you will come here from a distance, continue to keep your existing values ​​with a barrier and is it end without challenging on valuable opportunities?

~~ Communication environment and power supply ~~

It is difficult to use mobile phones because it is deep mountainous. The wired internet gives wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) only in my house or around there. Visitors can use it free by their own devices (host can not lend communication devices or PC to visitors), but using it in a meal or toilet is out of common sense. The power supply is provided at 100V 50Hz. If charging is necessary, bring the power conversion adapter.

~~ Other information ~~

This area is a relatively warm place in Japan. In winter, the seasonal wind is strong a bit, but it rarely freezes and does not snow. Summer is slightly cooler than town because it is in the mountains.

If travelers use limited express (Odoriko or Saphir-Odoriko), about 160 minutes from Tokyo station to Izukyu-shimoda station without the change of train while watching the beautiful coastline of east Izu. I can pick up travelers by my car on Izukyu-shimoda station. About 30 minutes by car to my home from it.

In the free time, visitor can enjoy hiking, woodworking (eg chopsticks, spoon, dish, cup, stamp etc.), sculpting, self made tea (picking leaves, cook and taste), harvesting of natural vegetables and fruits and mushrooms, ecological observation, photography, sketching, painting, etc.

Mention about tea, you can make green tea, oolong tea and black tea by changing the process using the leaves harvested from the same tea tree. You can also make tea with other various grasses and leaves of trees. Make handmade tea according to the season and enjoy its taste. Also you can spend a good time if you to bring that tea back your home, taste it with family and friends and talk about travel experiences.

Unfortunately there are no artificial entertainment facilities nearby. If you walk one and a half hour you can go to the big Buddhist art museum, and if you walk two hours you can go to the nearest station. Also, host is always busy so it can't act together at your free times or holidays. But conversely, that is very good environment to focus and do some things. So, for visitor who is planning a long stay, it is very important to plan in advance what you should do in their free time. I don't interfere with visitor's free time. But when ask me for advice about it, I will respond appropriately to it. What should you do in precious time? The wise visitor would understand the situations of here and make the best plan in advance and do it. And would never do nonsense conduct like staying inside room constantly and playing only with smartphone at long time.

The host goes to the town to buy ingredients at once every two weeks. If volunteer wants to do shopping, it would be nice to accompany it. Or if you order from an internet shopping site like Amazon-jp, products will be delivered in a few days even in a deep mountain like this one.

I wrote a lot of severe things on this page. If I only write beautiful things, maybe requests will increase. But I never want it because it causes many troubles and makes me busy. I would like only contact from people who can understand and accept all contents of this page!


You must inform me clearly that you have read and understood and accept all the contents of this page when you send me a request message. It is the first filter for identifying suitability, will reply only "No thank you" if you ignore it. I never contract with someone who can't read the intent of the host.

P.S.: Unfortunately, many young user breaked contract easily, so now I limit the age of acceptance to those over 30.

To Ukrainian refugees : I can significantly relax the acceptance requirements and consider your long stay at my place, regardless of the calendar above. Talk to me immediately if you need it!

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