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It is very important for us to find different ways to promote the development and progress of the less privileged communities in the Peruvian Amazon. We believe that working together with these communities in developing different skills for its people and creating new job opportunities, not only will help to reduce poverty but to reduce activities that are damaging the environment such as, logging or illegal/legal gold mining with strong contaminating chemicals. Protecting the Amazon should be a global commitment because of its incalculable biological and ecological value.

We are an NGO working for the economic and social development of the less privileged communities in the Peruvian Amazon. We focus on education, environment, ecotourism and cultural exchange. We believe that promoting the development and progress of these communities can help reducing the destruction of the Amazon. The first of a series of programs that we are working on is the English teaching program. We believe that English lessons will provide a valuable opportunity to help local people gain the skills they need to communicate with tourists and also help the younger generations to have better life opportunities.

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United Kingdom


I had a great time in Puerto Inca volunteering with Semillas life over the past 2 weeks. It is a place you wouldn’t otherwise visit as a tourist and as such a unique experience. Monday to Wednesday is when you teach the children, which can be overwhelming at first but quickly adapted- the kids are amazing, and so welcoming to all the volunteers. You get a lot of free time in between where Semillas life take you on trips into the jungle which were loads of fun to enjoy along with the other volunteers

8 days ago



This is the best experience to learn their culture. We lived like the locals lived and thats is great to experience. I loved my stay there. The hosts are so gentle and the guide too. I would recommend you to go

10 days ago

United States


I went into this experience thinking I would be busy teaching often and working for the program but that wasn’t my experience at all. Though I made fantastic connections with the local children and adults, I was surprised by the amount of independence I felt at SemillasLife. This was such a gift, as I found myself taking charge of my days and advocating for fun and adventure. I had so much free time to spend with the other volunteers and these connections ended up being one of the most important parts of the program for me. I loved teaching, spending time with other volunteers, and the nature

2 months ago



I spent two weeks at Semillas Life and had a great time. The village we lived in was a lovely place surrounded by nature. You will meet travelers from all around the world, share everything and make friends for life! On a normal schoolday we taught two agegroups from late afternoon until the evening. What I enjoyed most was the daily life as a community and closeness to the nature. Every other day we did cool activities like having a bonfire or hiking to a waterfall. Chris and Anna are the best and want you to have the best expirience possible. You really notice that they care.

3 months ago



Chris and Anne's program is truly helping the community in Puerto Inca. Because of the program and the included tours and camps, I truly felt like I immersed myself in nature and the community. This was an adventure of a life time. I may even be coming back!

3 months ago

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