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Volunteers have a trust based total freedom of doing whatever they want and visiting all the places they would want to, they will visit our rich shrines and see for themselves some of the tools, utensils, vessels and Caves used by our great grandparents.

1) Volunteers Working with us will relax and participate in any manual work at their own wish.

they will acquire several educational opportunities including visit Local fishing industries, our local organic and perm-cultre farms and interact with Local fishermen and farmers for more information. They will learn practically everything they would want to learn during their stay.

We have, guided and connected Volunteers with different types of organic farms owned by different growers on the Island, Our Primary and Secondary Schools, Mfangano Island Rock Art, Our rich shrines, Spring Water sites, Mfangano Peace Museum, Our Seasonal Streams, the Soklo Plateau, Mfangano Tilapia Fish ponds, Mfangano Hills and even the beautiful view of Lake Victoria all-round the four Islands many times..

Welcome to Mfangano Island. As a volunteer we value you and you are so precious to our organization. My name is WINNY the director of a community based organization in Mfangano Island. Description of the organization: A community education project based in Western Kenya providing primary school classes. The pupils who attend are split almost evenly between disadvantaged children whose parents have died & fee paying children. Breakfast and lunch are provided free from the school feeding program for the disadvantaged children and can be purchased by fee paying children We have a garden in which we grow vegetables and fruit for the school feeding program. Any excess is sold to provide extra funds for the school. The garden produces about half of the food used for the daily meals. Food and accommodation: Some meals provided Accommodation provided Vegetarian food can be provided. Vegan food can be provided. A small room with a bed and mosquito net is provided in the family home. Meals and clean treated water are also provided but we request if volunteers want bottled water they need to buy their own. Bottled drinking water is available relatively cheaply in the nearby town . For the foods the volunteers will eat the food the host family are eating. Types of food found here are fish, vegetables, rice, beans beef etc. Looking for help with: Agriculture Alternative technologies Building maintenance/construction Caring for people Clerical/office work Cooking Eco-tourism Education Information technology Mainly we are looking for volunteers who can commit to at least 4 weeks and can help us with any of the following: Education Trained teachers who can teach classes or others who can help the current school teachers. School is closed April, August and December. Book Keeping We would like people who can help train our administrator in good book keeping practices. Gardening Our garden is 1.2 acres and is currently managed by only one gardener so people with good gardening knowledge who can educate us and help us improve our garden would be very welcome. Bakery We have a charcoal oven which we are unable to use at present so we would love to find someone who can teach us how to use the oven and how to make our own bakery products. Some would be used to feed the school children and the excess sold for school funds. Resource Center We have just been donated 4 laptops and a modem. We would like help in training a couple of local people so they can then go on to train others in general computer use, word processing & report writing, email and book keeping.

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