Sharing Dreams Project

because we are a nonprofit small organization that works directly with the people and the people most in need of support and help here in the Andes of Peru, that our organization is driven by people with emotion and social vocation to help, besides that have social experience help of several years, directly on the ground without intermediaries, we are a genuine project work and voluntary work that has an impact on the lives of people of the Andes of Peru, and we provide as friends a brilliant fun and cultural exchange without cost

Our organization is composed of people with social emotion to help, we believe our volunteers as human beings, not as mere numbers or clients, therefore, our deal is very human and understanding, we have a way of teamwork, with support continuous, we are a group of people who organize themselves to help others, directly and in a rewarding and fun, our only payment is the smile and words of gratitude of our people :)

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