- Experience living as part of a countryside community - experience real authentic Japan!!! - Meet people from across Japan and all over the world. - Practice their Japanese. - Share their talent and showcase their creativity. - Enjoy a break from the crazy city life and relax in beautiful surroundings. - Make lifelong friends and memories!

My name is Taiyo and I am happily married with two boys and two daughters. I love meeting new people, going travelling and singing at Karaoke. I live on a beautiful island called Ojika, in Nagasaki Prefecture, located 1 hour 45 minutes by ferry from Sasebo or 5 hours by ferry from Fukuoka. The island is bursting with beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and a rich history. Also, in just 25 minutes by ferry you can reach Nozaki Island, a world heritage site since 2018. Uninhabited except for hundreds of deer, the island is reminiscent of its Christian past and is a must-see for anyone interested in the deep and complicated history of Christians in Japan. This Worldplackers a true taste of life in the Japanese countryside with the opportunity to become involved with a local community, currently a tiny and close-knit population of around 2,300 people. I run a traditional Japanese ryokan (like a bed and breakfast & dinner) which opened in June 2015. Then, in October 2016, we expanded the business to include a guesthouse with a capsule room and larger family room. This year (2020) we have begun another expansion of the dining hall and kitchen area- as you can see, we are always working on improving the business and that's why we need your help!

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