Short Giraffe Hostel

We have love and hate in front of us and we choose to give love, for the world needs to be healed. I am sure you would love to join us in spreading a smile across all the folks you meet xD We can't wait to see a smile on your face xD Join us soon.

Description of our hostel Ever seen a short giraffe: the outcast that chose to write its own rules, spurning tradition? All you ingenious nomads, lugging a backpack, sauntering through bizarre lands, grappling against all hurdles and language barriers, choosing not to embrace the 9 to 5 drudgery, dancing to your rhythm, curious to explore and engage with the world are all short giraffes. To all you misfits out there busy sharing laughs and love, bringing people together, making an impact wherever you go and being the change, this space is crafted for you :-P

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