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My place, a 15m sailboat located in Marina Del Rey, CA. This is an opportunity to experience life on the water. Most of the time I am moored at the dock and take weekend day sails.
And sometimes we take a 3-4 day trip to Catalina Island (about 55 km across the water).
I try to live a life without stress.

I am an independent architect with no staff. As i stated above my work place is laid back. There are a few easy rules to follow and all will be an enjoyable experience

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Tom was and is amazing! I helped around with the boat, cleaned, waxed the outside and learned a lot about sailboats. Work freetime balance is great and i can't complain about anything. Thank you so much for the time and treating me this nicely throughout.

I am happy to call you my Friend Tom! I hope to see you soon.

3 months ago



Embarking on a Worldpacker journey with Tom, an incredibly amazing and respectful sailboat owner, surpassed all expectations. Tom's warm demeanor and respect for my work hours ensured a balanced experience. The cozy room provided peaceful relaxation after each exhilarating day. Seeing majestic dolphins alongside our sailboat at Catalina Island was awe-inspiring, leaving an indelible mark on my heart. This remarkable adventure with Tom offered amazing experiences, interesting conversations, and genuine respect. The generous schedule allowed ample time to explore enchanting Los Angeles. Ty, Tom!

4 months ago



My first worldpacker experience was incredible. Tom provides you with what you need for your stay, he is a gentleman, very respectful, and with all the patience in the world to explain things to you if you don't speak English in its entirety. The boat is totally safe. Tom invited me to some yacht club events and all his friends are very friendly and make you feel welcome. The boat is small so it's not that much work, you have to keep it clean. Thanks again for all your attention Tom.

5 months ago



Tom is the best person in life, he made my experience amazing. I felt very welcomed, respected and happy. Tom is a great host, he helped me many times and with everything he could. He is very generous, thoughtful and treats his guests like family. Living this experience on the boat with Tom was one of the best of my life. Thank you Tom, it was all amazing and unforgettable.

5 months ago

Tom replied

Thank you You were a great guest and now friend.

United States


I had an awesome time on The Show Me! ⛵️ Tom is very chill, laid-back guy. He works 9-5 and loves to play, namely taking friends and new acquaintances out on his sailboat to enjoy being out at sea and good conversation.

The main duties are during the weekend when he takes the boat out. You’ll be asked to make sure people have drinks, that snacks are it out, to help the guests and converse with them. Then cleanup when everyone goes home.

During the week you keep the boat clean and tidy. Tom appreciates a healthy meal made when he gets home from work. He’s not a picky eater & loves veggies.

5 months ago

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