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The experience was amazing! The hostel was great and also the people there. Everything was perfectly clean and confortable. The rooms are nice and the common area is perfect for socializing. The staff is very nice to everyone and the activities are all very well organized. There were not a lot of guests at the time I was there so a lot of the activities got cancelled and my schedule seemed a little bit forced but I managed to make the most out of it by making a lot of friends and inviting them to go and visit the city all together. I will totally recommend Siamaze! We had the best time there.

11 months ago


I spent 2 weeks in this hostels and I have nothing bad to say! The hostels is lovely, clean and in a quiet district.
The staff is very friendly, with the volunteer and with the guests. Since the first day I was there I felt good.
I meet a lot of people's, I had have time to discover Bangkok.
So I totally recommend!

over 1 year ago

United States

Working for Siamaze was truly an amazing experience. Everyone, especially nalin, was so helpful and understanding. They really took the time to get to know me and were willing to help with any confusion or mistakes I made. Best hostel work experience ever !!!

over 1 year ago