Sítio das Figueiras (Figueiras Farm)

Hello guys :) About our place... Our place is a former agroindustrial farm. In the 90s it was about milk, chicken and natural humus production. From 2005 to 2015, no activity has been developed here. From 2015, we are putting into practice our currently project :) Now, our place is a Permaculture and Arts Exchange Centre. We've been developing courses and exchange experiences with students, volunteers, visitors and researchers from all the world. We have a SAF (Agroforestry System) that have been implanted in our first permaculture course, in Aprl, 2017, as well as a Rain Water Capture System wich we use to irrigate our plants. These systems need care and attention, as well as other maintenance activities to prepare our place do Arts and Theater courses and to keep it always working and with good vibes! Check out some pictures! :)

About us... We are brother and sister developing this project :) I'm Felipe, 29 yars old, Environmental Engineering and practitioner of Permaculture and Agroecology for the last 3 years. I use to work together with volunteers which are interested in learn from our Permaculture Design. I also organize and instruct permaculture courses in our place. Tejas, my sister, is 31 years old and graduated in performing arts. She has studied in the Jacques Lecoq Theater School in Barcelona and instructed many workshops in Latin America and Africa. She uses to interchange with researchers and students of theater, mainly the clow and neutral mask language, among other kinds of art. She instruct and organize theater courses in our place. *2017 up to date Schedule: April 20th to 23th - Rain Water Capture System integrated with Agroforestry System - I Course June 15th to 18th - Immersion - The journey of the clown

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