Skyros Island Horse project

Skyros is an amazing island, beautiful and unspoilt by tourists, as yet. Our project will both allow you to truly contribute to a genuine non profit and help an endangered bred the skyrian pony , while offering you a safe haven to explore the island and get to know a little about real rural Greek island life.

Our project was set up by Stathis a skyrian artist and Amanda a community artist . We have been running the project since 2006 and have hosted over 90 volunteers, many who come back year after year and have become like a family. We always have betwen 2 to 4 volunteers and without our volunteer support it would be impossible to care for our herd of 36 endangered breed skyrian ponies. We expect volunteers to muck in , be mature and self motivated and in exchange we offer a safe haven for both animals and people to grow and develop and have space to reconnect to nature and find the time to re find what inspires and drives them, whilst also learning about the commitment it takes to care for animals well.

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