Smala Grandvaux Ecovillage

GRANDVAUX ECOVILLAGE is the first ecovillage of the French part of Switzerland, in Grandvaux (VD), in the middle of the vineyards of Lavaux (UNESCO). Our ecovillage is labelled ECOPOL, and we are part of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN). Grandvaux is situated at 10 minutes by train from the city of Lausanne and 15 min walking from the Leman Lake. In front of the house, we have a common permaculture garden and some hiking path close to our house.

We adopt an ecological and community-based way of living. We live in relatively small private rooms (some of them have private bathroom and kitchen) and we have big shared spaces (cafeteria, party rooms, garage, multi-purpose rooms). The food is usually vegetarian and organic and we share as many things as possible in our everyday life, material and immaterial.


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Foi uma experiência incrível, tive uma recepção incrível, e aprendi que posso desenvolver hábitos sustentáveis em qualquer lugar...tudo é uma questão de adaptação.

7 months ago



My time in Smala was incredible 🤩. Alberto and Theo, are excellent hosts that anyone
I could ask. They make everyone feel at home 🏡 and they are very clear about the tasks they must
perform volunteers.
In Smala one can meet interesting people, learn from different cultures 🌍, I appreciate
Alberto, lucila in taking part of his time to teach me his culinary art, very good cooks, the
place is super nice a lovely view in front of the lake, Theo has extensive knowledge
about permaculture, 🌻🌹☘️🌞 you learn a lot. It is a super productive experience, I recommend it.

11 months ago

LA SMALA replied

Ivonne is a really kind and hard working woman. Always very helpful and willing to help. Communicative, smiling and always happy. Thank you very much for your efforts here, we wish you all the best!



My first experience in a community, people are very nice and a wide range of people with different life stories and at the same time the opportunity to learn new languages, I felt very good during the time spent here at Ecovillage and I recommend you try this experience

over 1 year ago



Fue una experiencia corta, pero aprendí mucho en carpintería con Rodolfo. Y mucho sobre comida saludable y vegetariana. Estuvo increíble ya que la gente que vive ahí es muy agradable y siempre busca que te sientas como en casa.

over 1 year ago



I spent 3 weeks in Smala and I learned a lot. The house has an awesome view of the lake and of the vinos. I need to warn, especially girls, that the place has a lot more men and that didn’t make me feel comfortable. I applied to do one kind of job and I ended up doing another one, even though they told me this would change with time. Hours of work are usually not assigned until either the night before or first thing in the morning and you need to fight for your days off. I was supposed to stay for 2 months, but I left early.

almost 2 years ago

LA SMALA replied

Julia arrived for 6-7 weeks to help in half housekeeping and other half social media contribution, as defined with her. After arriving, she starting complaining about housekeeping tasks. In our humble opinion, she was not very cooperative not respecting her duties, many times changing last minute and putting pressure on the team (rebel attitude). She kept on repeating her father was lawer and she did not show much cool attitude needed for an ecological sober life. We offered her extra leasures such as a flight simulator and a nice mountain treking at our own costs, and were happy to bring her joy.

But she explaind us she always had a housekeeping lady paid by her parents to make her laundry and other housekeeping in her house Brasil, and thus most of basic tasks were new for her such as making tea, using laundry... Lack of experience plus rebel and not much cooperative spirit did not facilitate her inclusion.
regarding her comment on hours. She did not use the digital tools toogl that we provided her to track her hours of volunteering, therefore we were unable to manage her schedule correctly.

Other volunteers such as Dylan and Mike stayed longer and were very happy, she was a bit isolated in her position.

It was her first volunteering experience and although we did not feel confortable with her frequent demands and pressure, we pardon and wish her the best !

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