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Welcome to Poland!!! This affluent area is full of life and only a few kilometers from Grodzisk Mazowiecki. The house is located in a secure neighborhood where people are welcome to walk around and explore. There are two local shops or convenient stores where you will find most of the items you may need, from food to toiletries. If you are a lover of nature and enjoy the outdoors be sure to visit the forest near by. It is small in size but it packs a punch. Showcasing the true beauty of a natural forest. The walk to town is rather lengthy however public transportation is easily accessible. There are buses to town and taxis for a faster commute. Be sure to download the iTaxi and apps if you don’t have them already. In town you will find many shops and restaurants where you can enjoy a nice meal or have a coffee with a friend. Piknik restaurant is one of the most popular and trendy restaurants in Grodzisk. Which is suitably located within the park called Park Skarbkow. You can spend some time here walking around and enjoying the scenery. In addition to these sites there is so much more you can do from clay making, learning polish, horseback riding, eating pierogis, ice-skateing, learn how to cook pasta with my husband, play x-box with my daughter, to watching a movie in the cinema. The choice is yours. If you want to go to Warsaw or Krakow the train station is close by. The train to Warsaw takes about 30 mins and it will drop you off in the center of the city. Where the exploration beings again. We look forward to having you join us and we cannot wait for you to experience Polish culture. We created a small art studio in the garage just for you. If you have any talents in this area please let me know. If you have questions about other activities, just ask :) See you soon.

We are a Polish-Italian family Kasia and Marck, we run cultural Association. We live in a beautiful countryside, 45 km from Warsaw. We have two children Lili 16 years old and Julian 7 years old. We love nature and animals and we have horse to ride, a dog and a cat to pet. We are looking for native English speakers. No experience is necessary because we will provide materials and methods for you. The ideal candidate would be someone who is independent, flexible, out going, friendly, patient, and self- sufficient. BUT This experience is about so much more than time to teach. We want to stress that this is also an opportunity for you to develop interpersonal and cross-cultural skills that will help you develop as an effective, well-rounded person. House it is only for world packers. Feel there free like in your house enjoying company of other volunteers. Houses are just for volunteers in various locations in Warsaw and around. Each of you have your bedroom, there is big living room and kitchen. You can see everything on the pictures. Houses are big from 120 m to 300 m.


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Kasia is very friendly and warm hearted person, it was my big luck to meet her, thank you for the time and this experience

about 1 year ago

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