Sörsjön camping

The campsite that I run is located in a beautiful, quiet piece of Swedish nature. It has all the elements for a true Swedish summer experience: a lake, a forest and some red coloured cabins. There is a variety of work to do, at different times in the day. Which means that work schedules can be flexible and travellers have enough time to enjoy the place and the surroundings. I have bikes, a kayak, row-boat and a car for them to borrow, so there are plenty of opportunities. Last but not least: during high-season there are a lot of people, Swedish and foreign, working at the campsite, which gives travellers the opportunity to make new friends and share stories and travel experiences.

I am originally from Switzerland, but I have been living in Sweden for a while now. This means that I am fluent in both German and Swedish. In the summer there are several young Swedes working at the campsite: they are the ones that deal with the customers, the reception and the early cleaning rounds. During high season I am always around, of course to work and to assist customers, but also to spend time with travellers. Staff members, travellers and I all share a private terrace (with a roof and a large table) where we usually get together in the mornings or hang out during free time. We also like to eat together in the evenings (and these dinners are often made by travellers) and to do a movie night sometimes. So other than the kind of work that is done, there are no differences made between staff or travellers. I like to see that everybody gets along and hangs out together during free time. I expect travellers (and employees) to be independent, trustworthy and responsible and in return they can expect me to give them a lot of freedom to explore the area, experiment in the kitchen, come up with a carpenting project, or organize fun activities for the staff and other travellers.

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