Source Temple Ashram

Source Temple Ashram is a non-denomination Communication Center. Our sole purpose is to bring Unity to the minds of those who believe in a reality apart from the One Underlying Reality which is Pervasive and All-encompassing. We are open to all principles of Atonement, wherever they come from. We bring people together, we bring minds together, we establish connections using whatever symbols are brought to us. We use any and all symbols to demonstrate that mind is one; that consciousness is singular, and always already wholly Integrated. We stay “above the battle ground” which appears on the world’s stage; before differences, opinions, and points of view. Our practice and our demonstration is Absolute Reliance upon That which inherently transcends such deceptions and artificial super-impositions upon Reality as It always already IS. Volunteers are invited to join with us in our simple and straightforward practice of always Life (and Joy) Affirming practice to the extent that they are willing and able.

We offer our guests a range of possibilities through which to access the heart of our gift as a Cooperative Community. Our practice and demonstration is based ~ at the core ~ on relationship. This includes, but is not limited to: ~ Daily afternoon yoga and morning stretching ~ A host of healing services provided by experienced practitioners of a variety of healing arts. (massages, energetic techniques, breathing sessions, bodily prayer...) ~ Private or group instructional yoga classes ~ Devotional chanting and private or group singing or instrument lessons ~ Horseback riding ~ Walks to the waterfalls or mountain ~ Meditation ~ Introductions to the teaching of our cooperative community and the lineages and teachers used by the residents Any other activity in our daily practice that is open to students - and retreatants - is also open to volunteers through a small donation. This includes a whole curriculum of classes and encounters.

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