South House Retreat

We are friendly and have guests from all over the world. This is a chance to meet all cultures, develop and grow your skills in hospitality. We will give you the chance to join us on outings exploring Dorset and the Jurassic coast.

We are in our 50's My name is Tracy, I am a writer and Author and my husband Martin is an Artist. We run South House Retreat as way to escape the rat race. Its a exciting yet peaceful place to be. Sometimes we are crazy busy, we always have new projects afoot. We also offer guests holistic and mindful treatments. We are looking for someone friendly outgoing and willing to help where needed.


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I have an amazing experience at South House Retreat! Tracy and Martin are very nice people! We could share a lot of experiences! They've been very careful and helpful with me: always asking me if I was ok, giving me rides from/to Dorchester. The house is very comfortable and clean! I've been in an individual room; with a double size bed! Tracy cooks very well, and the foods are always fresh!! The work is always dynamic, and I've had two days off per week, all the weeks. In my experience, could learn a lot about British culture, make new friends, and improve my English. It couldn't be better!


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