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Volunteering at Spicy Villa is a great chance to stay in northern Thai countryside, in the middle of the jungle, and learn from locals about life in the mountains.

Staff at Spicy Villa are local Thai and karen. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating. Volunteer managers are Tawan who speak basic English. Make sure to follow their tasks and rules, and you will have a good time with them. The required minimum stay is 7 days (a week) We have 2 options( latest updated 17/03/23) Both options are start only Monday and thursday.2 days aweek . 1. Week with no extra activities fee is 2000 baht+100 baht for insurance 2. Week with Extra activities (bamboo rafting + elephant bathing and feeding experience) fee is 3000 baht +100 baht for insurance Fee is the way to help us for our transfer and activities on day off that we offer We offer ( included) - share female dormitory - male dormitory - mixed dormitory -Private room for a couple -All meals -Cooking class -fee one day of a week (normally Sunday) for a hike and jungle lunch cooking at the waterfall (good experience) -wifi - pool table - kitchen use - transfer up and down to bus station in ban kad .Maewang -next visit stay free as a guest and family - (1-2 days stay extra nights no charge but donation accepted).


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I absolutely loved staying at Spicy villa. The staff is so sweet and helpful and made all of us feel at home. I lived all the tasks, helping cooking really was just like a free cooking class and we were able to really immerse ourselves in local culture. I would 100% recommend this.

3 days ago

New Zealand


Loved my stay at spicy villas! Thank you so much to Tawan, Hoh and Joy for taking such good care of us. Tawan’s cooking is truly the best! I am definitely glad I did this experience, and for the most part it was awesome! Message me for more info on this position 😊

4 days ago

Samart replied

Thanks Ellie fir your positive energy to help us .thank you



My stay at Spicy Villa was truly amazing. The first 3 days were a lot of work though as we were only with 4 volunteers (7hours a day). Afterwards, with 10 volunteers, it was really chill.
We had an amazing time cooking with Tawan and drinking happy water with Hoh :))
Definitely recommend if you’re not scared of lots of work (and spiders😉). Much love to all the people at spicy villa🫶🏻

6 days ago

Samart replied

Thank you so much for your time her Nd you are very good responsible person ❤️



Spicy Villa is located in the most beautiful place. The dorms are pretty and you have such an amazing view.
Tawan and Thong were so nice to us and would always let us help with cooking.
However, I did find the communication with the owner a bit strange. He wasn't at the eco lodge when I was there and he would communicate with us through WhatsApp. Sometimes things weren't clear and the way this was communicated towards the staff and the volunteers felt a bit disrespectful. We, as the volunteers, could notice how that affected the staff and that made me quite uncomfortable.

16 days ago

Samart replied

As I explained to volunteers
They dont know deep story
It's about responsibility those people have to follow the rules we agree . When they out of the rules then who responded? Volunteers didn't know what wrong they did .they cooked for you doesn't mean they areakwaysgood at Thier Job and duty

United Kingdom


My experience here was overall positive - we got to really be involved with local culture through amazing cooking classes and other activities with the staff. the staff were all so amazing, and made the time here so special! sadly, the boss didn’t always respect his staff which was upsetting to see as he could get quite rude. luckily, the issues were resolved after a couple of days. we got to do incredible activities here which were so much fun and the villa is a beautiful place to stay. there is a fair amount of work compared to most volunteering projects, but it’s okay.

19 days ago

Samart replied

I communicated with volunteers thriught what'sAp sometime when I'm not their to make sure things are ok
Daily task go well
Faire for both side
I talked to my staff when they did wrong thing and out of agreement ( it's my way and it's nothing about you ) sometime I asked volunteers 3-4 times to do something answer was nothing better or done .then they said I'm rude . My staff didn't do work as much they can do and what we agree .who lost benefit ? You and my staff ? No me and my organisation!! You didn't know story behind or what they did please dint judge

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