St Peter's Dome Flora

They want to be in or near the Columbia Gorge. Interested in Chestnut culture/ biz / cultivation in season. That is mainly September for the beginning of the harvest.

it is a quiet place . more animals than people. can accommodate vegetarians and vegans and other diets. Beach appears when the river level falls late summer otherwise it is not there. I go back and forth to the city, portland twice a week on average or to nearby towns and you get to come. explore by yourself . I can drop you off on the way in.


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I enjoyed my time at St Peter’s Dome Flora! The beautiful property and many hiking trails around it made it an incredible place to connect with the Columbia Gorge river and waterfalls. Lex made it a welcoming place during mealtimes and with his car rides into Portland.

It is important to take into consideration that there are tons of animals and that they will be a presence throughout your stay.

4 months ago

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This was my first experience through worldpackers and it was definitely a mellow place. 30 minutes from the big city, but still went plenty of times and enjoyed myself. Lex will drive you which was great if you don’t have a car, and would be flexible on when you would want to come back. The rooms were still needed to be clean when I got there which was fine, and all I had to do was get used to the amount of cats at once although most were in one room. Overall it was a nice relaxing environment with easy work!

10 months ago

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