Strays dog rescue shelter

If you are a super dog lover, here have many unlucky furkids who need love and care. Most of them in the shelter is disabled dogs, or with kidney problems, blind, only with 1 leg, only with 3 legs, all of them are rescue from streets.
***all of them are fully vaccinated.

They need more help for daily care, shelter need help in daily cleaning , feeding , clean wounds, doing bandage for wounds, nails cut, bath, washing blankets that furkids use, washing bowls, and accompany furkids after done our daily cleaning and feeding task.

We are just a very small and poor non-profit NGO shelter, we only have 80+- dogs in the shelter, but most of them are disabled and with some special need like example kidney problems and need to do medical drips daily, some need to take medicine, some need to clean wounds, although shelter is small and only with 80+-dogs, but they are not normal healthy dogs and some of them need special care.
In our town, is totally a very local area, not a typical touristic location. But we are the “rice bowl” of Malaysia. Our state produces Rice, we have many paddy fields around. And there are a natural mangrove forest is nearby my house, we can visit this place very easily. I always bring my guests visit this place, I start doing my Couchsurfing from 2009, as I told you guys just now, my town is very local area without typical touristic area, Mangrove forest and Paddy fields became the “must visit” in my list.

Other then this two, we also have some other place to visit:
【Place you can visit】:
* Merbok River: Mangrove forest area
* Gunung Jerai: small moutain with some resort
* Archeology Museum: Lembah bujang
* Paddy fields: rice farms
* Penang Island

**** we are not very far from Penang Island.
From our place to Penang island you need take a train or bus to butterworth station ( cost around RM3.80)and at the same station is a ferry terminal too, take a ferry to Penang island (cost you around RM1.20), and you will arrive exactly in the Georgetown, Penang Island. (Usually volunteer will go in the morning during their day off, they will follow our car to shelter but we will drop by volunteers to the station before we arrive in shelter so they no need to find their own way to the station and can get in bus or train easier to go discover Penang Island)
I have many hobbies, such like: Baking, Sewing, Drawing, Tarot, Meditation, Crystals, Chinese calligraphy, Indian henna tattoo, and many more. If just in case you have same hobby, I will be really happy to share with you.
If anything you wish to know more, please feel free to contact me and can ask me anything before you decide to come join us for our Strays dog rescue shelter.
I always believe:

and I am been inspired by a volunteer who visit me before, I admired her thinking so much. SHE SAID:
“ I am in a point of my life where I am looking forward to give more than take.”
I am learning from this volunteer so much.

I hope that in the future I can meet many people who can resonate at the same frequency and energy from all over the world.

This is a non-profit organisation doing strays dogs rescues. I was a volunteer for this NGO before 2020, I hear the ex-council decided to close this shelter down and the decision make in just 1day. This is too sudden, and they decided to put to sleep all the disabled furkids ( they are disabled but they happy living there and love food I don’t think they want to die), this is the reason why I went being a volunteer and become the principal of this poor and small shelter. I am the only one who needs to bear and be responsible for the shelter, ex-council team make decisions to leave in 1 day time. When I officially take over the shelter (some government registration part and bank account need time to change), I found that the bank account is in negative status, no more fund for up coming months. I feel so helpless and hopeless during that period. I am really Thankful that when I tell the situation I meet, there are so many kindhearted people they come and help me out and they also donate to help shelter bear the monthly rental and expenses, I always believe and admire to this sentence: NO ONE CAN DO ANYTHING, BUT EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING. Helping hand come from all directions, and this human’s power save shelter and furkids just within a week. LOVE is everywhere! Shelter hire a very kindhearted 65years old women for daily care in shelter, actually she work in this shelter more than 6years, longer than the time I know this shelter. I know this shelter and start doing volunteering for this shelter on 2019. But, only two of us, is far not enough to take care of all of them, we don’t have weekly day off, because we have not enough staff( one of the reason is because we don’t have enough budget to hire many staff) , dogs need to been care everyday like example cleaning up the cage(pee and poo) cleaning their wounds, feeding, giving medicine, medical dripping and many more. They cannot one day without care from us. *Volunteer will have 2days off after 5days work. *Volunteer only work from 9:30-1:30 a day. After 1:30pm is whole day free to anything you want to do. Only two of us, we don’t have one day rest, we work for them 365days for furkids in shelter. We really hope that we can have someone who willing to spend time with them(furkids), helping us in shelter daily care and also give furkids some accompany. We hope to meet more SUPER DOG LOVER like how we are. If you are not super dog lover or if you are still afraid of dogs, this is not a good place and choice for you. I wish everyone who read my profile a wonderful and safety journey no matter you will come join us or not. Thanks for stop by and read my words.


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This was a wonderful and eye-opening experience. Fish and Vincent are beautiful, welcoming people and were excited to show me their culture, food and the beautiful town they live in.
Their hard work at the shelter is incredible, and working there was confronting but I loved it. The day to day tasks were easy - cleaning, feeding and playing with the dogs
The dogs here have experienced a lot of neglect, but Fish, Vincent and Jane have made it their mission to take in and care for as many fur kids as possible.
The house was comfortable, with filtered water, laundry and kitchen available

4 months ago



Communication was good from the very beginning and I felt very welcome when I first arrived and Fish picked me up at the train station.
Fish and Vincent were very friendly and helpful and made my stay very comfortable.
A personal emergency made me have to cut my stay short, I only worked for a few days before I had to leave but it was still an experience to remember.
I wish I could have stayed longer to help out.

5 months ago

United Kingdom


Upon arrival Fish and Vincent make you feel very welcome and at home, I was shown around the area and the places nearby. They provided me with additional food to help myself, water always available. Own private room with balcony and access to washing machine.

They do the upmost kindest things for you, and if you have any questions or queries they immediately help you.

They create a truly memorable and valuable experience for you to learn all about the culture and the issues that are arising and present in Malaysia.

The work is very rewarding but is tough if you are an animal lover. ❤️

5 months ago

United States


Vincent and Fish were great hosts. They made me comfortable in their home and also took me to temples. out to eat at restaurants serving delicious food. and took me to Geopark for site seeing.

6 months ago



While I had high hopes for volunteering for the shelter, it unfortunately fell short of my expectations in several key areas. Extremely unhygienic (as the dog shelter was more hygienic than the home), disrespectful and extremely rude host (beware of Fish), unclear rules (rules added which were not made clear in the application ad), threats being made (not being able to use the kitchen), curfew added, accusations being made by host, no appreciation given for work ethic or extra cleaning inside the volunteering home (which was not listed as a task). I left the home cleaner than it was.

6 months ago

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