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My place is located in Sala aljadida ( 30 mins from Rabat ),the name of my town means the New Salé and to go to The old salé or to Rabat you can use the bus ( 0.4 euros) or the shared taxi (1 euros) :) the town is clean and Calm. .Neighbours are friendly and respectful...If you love to paractice sport there's that biggest forest in Morocco just nearby ( 15 mins by walking ) and if you travel by hitchhiking it will be too easy to catch a ride cause the high road is just 5 mins by walking )

Salam alaikum(hello:) If your answer is yes to the questions below then you are viewing the right post and you are welcome to join us! • Do you want to know more about another language or culture? • Would you like to help People practice their conversational skills in differnt languages? • Do you like to spend time around people especially kids and be part of the bright change in their lives? • Would you like taste great traditional food of Morocco and have sightseeing tours around the city? My name is Yusuf, I live in Rabat, and I'm the leader of a non profit organization. I think I'm respectful, open minded and helpful especially towards travellers cause I'm a traveler too. my staff (my friends and their families ) are just amazing. You can check out some feedbacks here I have been working with volunteers since 2015, trying to help students in my area ! Actually those students here are facing many difficulties due to their weak language skills, those students (10-18) come from modest background as a result they can't reach language centres because they are expensive and a bit far away... So we need friendly responsible and respectful volunteers that would like to work with us, not only in my neighborhood but also in some other rural towns to help children and teenagers to have fun in the same time that they learn other languages as well as good values and morals In return We provide our volunteers a Moroccan accommodation that will be certanly a great opportunity to learn the Moroccan way of life, meet local people, eat local and healthy food( Tagine, Couscous, Harira...), speak the local language (Darija: the Moroccan Arabic ) and engage in local customs and traditions. electricity, running water, WiFi, laundry machine and so many things will be provided and also you may learn diifernt languages that other volunteers would teach We are open for short stay (2 Weeks..) but we prefer long stay ( mounth at least ...) For now the duties are: helping students learn a new language or improve their linguistic skills for 3 hours “at least “ per day, 4 Days per week “at least”; *At least: you can do more if you like :) So decide if it's what you need and ask me more, please. I look forward to hearing from you, Yusuf. Wish you the best

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