Sunshine Bedz Hostel Kuala Lumpur

We are a simple family run hostel. We invite you to be part of our family.
We are looking for assistants to run the daily work in the hostel. You may choose to do the following. Please choose according to your strengths.

Housekeeping - keeping the lounge, rooms and bathrooms clean, assist in laundry.

Pub Crawls - Be the center of attention and take the guest out on pub crawls. You will get a few free drinks at our associate bars.

Everyone would be involved in making our guest feel comfortable and to assist them to enjoy their stay

We would prefer a One month minimum stay. Couples are welcomed too.

We provide free accommodation in a 6 bed staff dormitory with ac, free internet, free breakfast, DIY laundry in return for a 24 hour work week.

You will have to be a traveller and have stayed in many different hostels. Please integrate into the team, locals and travellers alike. You will need to use lots of common sense Always be respectful to other staff members, guests, and the bar staff that host you and your group each night. Under no circumstance are you permitted to engage in intimate relationships with a guest while volunteering at the hostel. Strictly NO drugs in and outside of the hostel. This is a zero tolerance policy. Lastly, have fun! We are a very social, fun and caring hostel and you will become part of our international family in taking this role. We reserve the right to ask you to leave should you not be able to follow the request above.


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The location is very good, and a comfortable place to sleep where you can socialize and feel at home. Patrick is a very organized, attentive and fun host, he cares about our well-being and you can trust him. He told us a lot about the culture and he was also interested in knowing ours. We really had a cultural exchange, especially with the other people on the team, which is quite diverse, I really enjoyed working with them.

20 days ago



Patrick es una persona amable, divertida y atenta. Es muy organizado y se preocupa por el bienestar de los voluntarios. Lo distintivo de el es que siempre nos anima a participar en actividades locales y se preocupa porque tengamos una real experiencia de intercambio cultural. Siempre estuvo interesado por conocer más acerca de nuestro lenguaje y cultura, además de estar atento a nuestras necesidades y siempre intentó hacernos sentir cómodos y como de la familia.

21 days ago



The experience in the hostel was amazing . The hours are perfectly respected in all shifts. The staff is very friendly and available to help you. Patrik is a good and friendly person, from him you can learn something new every day. Thanks to the staff and the hostel events I had a lot of fun. I stayed for a month and during the days off I also had the opportunity to travel. The hours are managed excellently. The hostel is a sociable place always full of people from all over the world. The tasks to be carried out are simple during the day. For any information or advice feel free to ask me.

2 months ago



Volunteering at this hostel was an amazing experience. I felt really welcomed and respected and had no problems throughout my stay. Patrick was a great host who always looked after me and the rest of the team was also fun and wonderful to work with. The work is not too exhausting and you still get a lot of free time. If you show effort towards work and immerse yourself in the hostel community, you’ll have it good:): I spend almost 6 weeks at the hostel but I think 4 weeks is a perfect amount if you don‘t like the big city vibe for too long.
Feel free to ask questions:)

3 months ago

United Kingdom


My time at Sunshine Bedz has been truly enjoyable. The fair duty hours and the amazing team, composed of both locals and foreigners, make the experience incredibly enriching. There's a genuine effort to foster a sense of camaraderie, and it's encouraged to be an active part of the team from day one. At Sunshine Bedz, The teamwork is fantastic, making every moment spent here amazing. I'm genuinely looking forward to extending my stay at Sunshine Bedz Hostel. Highly recommend for a fulfilling experience.

3 months ago

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