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I'm living in the Famous West Kerry on the magnificent Dingle peninsula my passion is all about water sports especially surfing & foiling. I'm running a 13 bedroom hostel surrounded by 9 different beaches on a small peninsula including the wonderful long Brandon bay, the local area has lots to offer with beautiful landscape sand dunes and mountains, water sports & land activities, pubs, restaurants, hiking trails, all in walking distance of the lodge To experience a once in a life time opportunity... If you're looking to improve your water skills you will love it here, it's just the right place! We will go on little surf trips/tours, which will offer very different types and sizes of waves i can also share some coaching tips and tricks if requested. you'll be surrounded by amazing welcoming people such as my family and friends.

im a 25 year old stereotypical surfer who is very enthusiastic about water sports, relaxed living and enjoy general good fun. spend most my time on a board or at the beach. I've only just started this business and is well in the beginning process. I've done a good bit of traveling and really enjoy socializing with new people.

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An amazing first volunteering experience! Duncan and everyone else living in the lodge was very accommodating and the work was very fair. Plenty of time to visit surrounding villages and explore the area! The Maharees is stunning and perfect if you love a more rural area! I look forward to visiting again :)

2 months ago

United States


It was a great experience and I recommend to anyone interested! everyone was really kind and welcoming, I had my own room, that was pretty nice, but I unfortunately had to leave a bit early due to a family emergency.. but everything turned out fine. Duncan is pretty relaxed as long as you do what you are asked, the work is not in anyway hard and I personally enjoyed it. Thanks Duncan and everyone there for making my experience unforgettable☺️.

3 months ago



I had a really great time, all the people at the hostel are friendly and kind. Duncan is first and foremost a friend, he is very sociable and makes sure you have all the necessities you need, also driving you around. Inside the hostel there is also a common area where you can have fun together with others playing table tennis or billiards. It was my first volunteering experience and it was perfect, I recommend it to everyone!

6 months ago

United States


Working here was amazing! Schedule was pretty flexible and Duncan was super attentive to any needs that I had. Surfed for the first time ever and absolutely loved it. Wouldn’t want to learn anywhere else. The guys at the lodge are good fun and very nice(: It’s such a beautiful area as well!

8 months ago



My month at the lodge was amazing. Duncan is a great host and everyone there is very nice and welcoming. The workload is fair and there's still plenty of time to go surfing or do other activities in the area. If you're looking for a place to know interesting people, take your surfing to a next level and be in contact with nature this is the place to be :)

9 months ago

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