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Dear potential volunteer, thank you for your interest in our project and for your time to apply to this position. Before you move forward to send us your application, please, take a time to read carefully all the information about this position, especially the part where we say what we expect from you, and the bad reviews we received (the manager, particularly) from the two worse 'volunteers' we could ever had. They are the perfect example of what you should never be like - if you really want to join us for this experience.

First of all, it's important that you know that we are creating a very ambitious project over here, and you, dear young Padawan, are a quite important piece of this puzzle. That's why we need to be sure that you have the minimum skill set, and the right mentality we need from you to this position, before we move forward to any eventual first contact.

We'll only want/accept the best volunteers available. We want real partners to join us, not those kind of spoiled vampires who are only interested in having free accommodation, and never take accountability for their actions. If you feel like their style/personality/profile and 'bad reviews' resonate with you, please do not apply! We don't need more people like them here anymore. Keep this in mind. Save your time, and help us to save ours too.

If instead, you want to have the true perspective about this place/experience, you can reach out the other previous (and the current ones) volunteers and ask them how their commitment with the work enables them to have countless opportunities for an amazing experience at our lodge.

*The fact that you don't see any public response to the 'bad reviews' is not because there wasn't any ever. It's because they don't have the guts to admit the real reasons why they were kicked out from the project, and ended up removing the public response 🤷🏻‍♂️. Instead, they lie in order to shock other people's opinion, and move the attention away from the truth: their lack of commitment and poor quality of work. They were pros on claiming for their 'rights' and the benefits we offer, and bad characters when it was about accomplishing their duties properly. Two perfect examples of a generation of overprotected kids that never learned how to take responsibility for their sh*t. They manipulate you with their "angelic face", and no matter how helpful and supportive you may have been to them, when you are no longer useful to their selfish interests, they spit on your face and blame you for whatever problem they bring to you. In the end, their reviews are now being quite useful to us. They're helping us as a filter to keep other potential spoiled vampires away.

So, PLEASE, instead of a long introduction about yourself, about what you like to do and how you have been living the last couple of years of your life, try to be more sharp and say clearly how you think you can meet our needs, especially the part where we say what we expect from you and if you agree or not with the conditions of the shifts and tasks.

This said, let me tell you a bit about what you're gonna find in our project.

This whole area has an incredible energy with imposing cliffs, beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets and perfect waves almost the whole year. Our lodge is a very cozy, good vibe and homey place just in front of those beauties. We're definitely not a crazy party hostel, but celebrating good moments together is part of our DNA. Our guests are amazing and interesting people from all over the world with whom you can create a nice network. They really feel at home with us, part of a family and always want to come back for long stays. And, to keep this, we need like-minded people who understand our philosophy, and are totally committed to our mission: keeping the environment clean and tidy all the time, and with a nice atmosphere.

What kind of experience can we offer to you in return? One/two months of a place to feel like home, people like you to call family. Amazing open-minded people from all over the world to grow your network and call them friends. The best surf spots in Europe to learn or improve your surfing skills 🏄🏻‍♂️. Unforgettable stunning sunsets 🏜. Good worldwide music 🎸. Moments for sharing a delicious Portuguese food 🧀, in a beautiful international community 🌎, with an even better Portuguese wine 🍷. Sleepy nights to the sound of the waves 🌊. And, lots of simple personal moments - when this place does its magic - which only you will know and keep it in your memory forever☀️🌱.

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South Africa


After a rather uncomfortable first Worldpackers experience, this stay really exceeded my expectations & made for the most amazing three weeks of all my travels! The manager Nilson, was most welcoming - taking the volunteers out for lunch when we first arrived & showing us around the place! The tasks to be completed are really well explained & communicated to you - a great exchange for the accommodation, location & atmosphere provided by Surfness! The other manger Elena, became a life long friend & ‘fairy godmother’ so to speak as she took us under her wing & immersed us in the soulful Baleal!

6 months ago

United Kingdom


My time at surfness was amazing! The people, the area and the atmosphere was incredible and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. The work in the house is easy and Nilson and Elena made sure we knew what to do. I felt very at home here and I can’t recommend it enough!!

7 months ago



I cannot recommend a stay at Surfness enough! With some patience for a little bit of chaos, this place is such a dream. Not to mention having access to surfboards and the ocean at our doorstep! Nilson was a great host, always making sure we were entertained with surf skate lessons, local events, showing us the best local cuisine and so much more! He was also very open to our feedback which I appreciated a lot. Thank you so much! :)

7 months ago



When I discovered Baleal one year ago as a guest, I felt in love with that place and felt very lucky to volunteer in such a special place right on the cliffs for more than a month! I spend a fantastic time with team and guests and felt very welcomed by Nilson who treated us always with kindness and respect☺️. I definitely would recommend this place for aaaall surf and nature lovers, I spend an amazing time here 🩵

8 months ago

United States


This was honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Surfness is a gorgeous and special place not only because it’s in Baleal and right on the sea, but because of the people that come stay in the house, the community around, and of course, the coworkers. Nilson is an amazing manager and made my time spectacular because he treated us volunteers with respect and kindness. This is the type of place you have to come and experience for yourself, but being able to learn how to surf, and experience everything Peniche has to offer, while living and working in Surfness, was so gratifying.

9 months ago

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