Swasti Yoga Center

Rediscovering Yoga: Connecting with the roots.

Our volunteering program provides an opportunity for cultural immersion and yogic values in the fast paced life.
Here you can really experience the reality of an Indian family, learn about Indian (Bharat) culture, religion, rituals, food, and of course, the philosophy of Yoga from ancient classical texts. The practice goes beyond the Asanas. Learn from the best school of yoga accredited by Indian government for customised one -on- one yoga education and training (guru shishya parampara)

Sustainable and Engaging Yoga TTC -
Our Yoga certification courses under AYUSH (Indian government) will help you advance knowledge and skills in traditional yoga. You will learn basics of yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology, science behind practices, breath work (pranayama) and physical practices (asanas) to create alignment in your life. Experience Sutra chanting and mind empowerment sessions. These courses are based on veda, upanishads, yogasutras and other authentic texts (all paid activities and mandatory for volunteers seeking a profound connection with Yoga).
To know more visit us at www.swastiyogacenter.com
A part of the proceeds from sale goes to our NGO that works for girl education in India.
We cater smaller student numbers reducing overall carbon footprint and achieving 100% peace.

Networking Opportunities: Build lifelong connections with fellow participants from around the world, exchange ideas, and broaden your perspectives in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Excursions: Embark on enriching journeys to a diverse range of destinations, including iconic landmarks, historical sites, cultural hubs, trekking, Ayurveda and Wellness institutions, and environmental sites across Pune.
From exploring bustling markets to serene temples, engaging with yogis and spiritual masters to understanding environmental conservation efforts, our excursions offer a comprehensive experience that goes beyond cultural immersion. Visit unexplored, offbeat destinations.
Carpooling to reduce carbon emissions

Indian culture and festivals (Diwali, Navratri, Ganesha festival, Holi and many more) providing a unique and memorable cultural immersion experience.

Accommodation: Homestay at Empire Estate offers Eco- conscious 3 BHK with shared room or private room with AC and attached bathroom. (based on availability)
Zero- waste amenities like Indian bucket and mug system instead of bath tub to reduce colossal wastage of water
Common pantry, washing machine and refrigerator available.
Delicious home cooked meals
All volunteers have to wash their dishes after meals and cook one meal in a week.
Note- We are not a luxury hotel and so we cannot meet such expectations of volunteers.

Satvik Meal prepared by family members with love and warmth
Learn Indian cooking (Maharashtrian food and culinary tips), Principles of Ayurvedic food, spices and eating customs
Locally sourced local fruits and ingredients, minimising food miles and support sustainable practices

Experience of living with an Indian family and understanding yoga through the culture and rituals, no food wastage and prayer before food are amazing
Indian Language exchange (hindi, marathi and basic sanskrit)
Our Eco-friendly or sustainable initiatives include use of napkins instead of tissues, recycled footwear and cutlery reducing plastics, bamboo toothbrush, toiletries in refillable containers, steel/ bamboo straw, cloth bags instead of single use plastic and many more small steps for a yogic lifestyle.

Artisanal Experiences (traditional dance, painting and Indian folk art workshops)
We sell upcycled travel bags, locally made souvenirs promoting local artists and regenerative tourism.
Our incense sticks handcrafted by women from upcycled flower waste, help women from marginalised communities, providing livelihood opportunities

Your skills and volunteering activities will help in empowering local communities and helping to build sustainable livelihoods and lasting development.

At Swasti Yoga Center, we continuously strive to make yoga a sustainable lifestyle change, study from classical texts and provide Indian government certification, improving quality of yoga education globally. Daily Schedule (Tentative) 06:30 - 08:00 Yoga asanas, pranayama, shuddhi kriyas (yogic cleansing techniques) 09:30 Sattvic breakfast 10:00 - 11:00 Lecture (Customized one on one teaching) 13:30 Nourishing sattvic lunch 16:00 Pranayama, meditation, relaxation session/yoga activities, assignments, mock exams, guru-shishya discourse/Evening program (activities vary; temples, hiking, historical place visits, bhajan, kirtan, cultural programs, school yoga session, market, medical college visit) 19:30 Nourishing vegetarian dinner 21:00 Lights off Qualities required: open mind to absorb a different culture, respect to local culture and practices, thirst for yoga knowledge, non judgemental attitude, self discipline, tapas/ hard working nature, patience, compassion, active listening skills, time management, English communication skills. Take the first step to a healthier you!


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Foi um presente ficar na Swasti. Vikas e toda família são um oceano de doçura, gentileza e bondade. Fui super bem recebida e bem tratada do início ao fim 🩵 o curso de yoga também é ótimo e passado de uma forma individual, o que possibilita a tirada de dúvidas e boas conversas. As acomodações são excelentes, super confortáveis e as comidas deliciosas. Muita gratidão e carinho por todos os momentos inesquecíveis que passei por lá! Na duvida, vá!!

16 days ago



Amazing experience! The teachers are compassionate, have lots of knowledge, and are willing to share everything and make a family out of all the students. I learned more than just asanas, but about all the philosophy behind it, giving me tools to deal better with situations in my life. You'll get the complete Indian experience, as they welcome you into their family wholeheartedly! The field trips are always super interesting, and you'll get a deep understanding of India. Thank you very much for everything, Swasti family! <3

27 days ago



What you can get:
The food is comforting and reflective of local traditions
The insight into Hindu culture and yoga theory
The atmosphere is friendly, kind and secure

But be aware:
The photos do not represent the reality. It is not a "yoga centre" but a flat with cramped rooms. I ended up even sharing one bed with another volunteer!
The price is very high, 950$ and non-refundable
Yoga practice around 1.5 hours a day, the rest of the time is unsupervised, nothing to do
The remote and very inconvenient location, nowhere to go
Guests are required to wear merchandise walking outside

about 1 month ago

Dr. Vikas replied

Thank you Mary for sharing your experience. Firstly, we regret any misunderstanding regarding the representation of our facilities. The space we provide is indeed a flat, and while it may not meet everyone's expectations of a traditional yoga center, we strive to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for all our guests.
As for the pricing, we want to clarify that the cost of $950 was communicated, paid and agreed upon before your arrival. We understand that our pricing may not be suitable for everyone, but we believe it reflects the value of the guru shishya paramapara experience, MD doctors teaching here and resources provided during your stay.
Lastly, regarding the optional requirement to wear merchandise when walking outside, we apologize if this was not clearly communicated beforehand. Our intention is to create a sense of unity (yoga), safety and belonging among our guests, but we understand if this requirement was not to your liking.
In conclusion, while we regret that your experience did not meet your expectations, we want to assure you that we take all feedback seriously and will use it to improve our offerings in the future.



My time in Swasti was great! Everyone from the family is lovely and they do everything in their power to guarantee you feel good and adapted. Here you can really experience the reality of an Indian family, learn about their culture, religion, rituals, food, and of course, the philosophy of Yoga. The practice goes beyond the Asanas, it's about the exchange of thoughts about life, well-being and the whole Universe. I had a lot of time to study, practice and write. I also helped their daughter with her studies, made videos&pics, wrote articles and translated a book. Family, obrigada! Lots of love

about 2 months ago

United States


I had an amazing time here! The food is incredible, and the family and community is very loving. There are some things you should be aware of:

1. The yoga center is inside of an apartment building where the family resides, it is not an institute with its own grounds.

2. The price for the yoga classes is pretty high compared to other yoga places in India.

This is a rich cultural opportunity that has many benefits but make sure it is in line with what you are looking for before deciding to come here. I am really grateful for my experience and I felt I was a part of the family.

about 2 months ago

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