TaChila/Boya Lake Park

This is a very beautiful wilderness and mountain area offering lots of exploring and discovering. The lake is tourquoise and pristine clear warm enough for swimming and water recreation. Guests from all over the world visit. The staff (3)are fun happy people!volunteers will have a canvas 12x14’ wall tent with woodstove and cots as well as use of office and kitchen.

We have lived in the bush, log cabin,most of our lives in off grid Environmental friendly lifestyles. We are used to solving problems and caring for others. We have a vast knowledge of the area. We are very understanding and happy ,easy going but high standard folks. We have a loving working dog to help you feel safe and protected from bears or other wildlife. We hope you have the best time ever with us! Work is early in the morning for about 4 hours. You need to be able to self entertain as very remote. However you will meet many people from all over and all ages that stay for a day or two. We often hike, swim, and enjoy afternoons. You are always welcome to explore with us or on your own close to area. There is close to all night daylight as we are quite north!

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