You might have been thinking of volunteering somewhere in Africa, but don’t know where to go yet. Would you like to visit a place with a great culture; and a country to live various adventures? You are thinking to visit a place where it is always sunny? May be able to learn French? And you want to experience all this while doing something good for somebody else? Then you need to volunteer in Togo! By volunteering in Togo you will learn so much about yourself and you will do things that you never accepted to do during your life. The biggest difference you will notice at the end of your volunteer work placement will not be external but will be the difference inside of yourself. Sharing your thoughts and friendship with local people will have a greater understanding of another culture.

This small organization is an active participant in a number of projects connected with local economic, social, cultural and environmental development with a human, material and financial restricted capital. The project is envisioned to connect people with communities in need by supporting the educational and charitable work through the placement of international volunteers, distribution of financial and material donations, a world where the less fortunate have a voice and opportunities for healthy growth. Maximize service delivery within the realm of reality for better results by directing services to their intended targets while enabling volunteers realize their dreams

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