Teaching English and discover peaceful life in the suburb of Hanoi, Vietnam

- Do you want to do something meaningful while traveling? - Do you want to share with kids your knowledge about the world, about the places you have been? Let's come and help us with teaching English. This is also a chance for you to learn about Vietnamese culture. For those who would like to stay more than 3 months, we are willing to give you financial support

We are a social enterprise of educational development in the suburb of Hanoi. We were not English teachers before. We were employees who work in different fields and we understand the importance of learning English . We wanted to learn English but we had to travel a long way to the city or other towns for learning English.Moreover we had to pay a lot of money for tuition fee. Understanding the difficulty in our local area, we came up with the idea of establishing English classes in town so that more people like us can afford English classes. However, that is all about the terms of theory and gramma. And we are aware of importance of practicing in learning language, That is the reason why we would love to invite you, English speakers, come to help us with language practice Our vision is "teaching is the most meaningful job among other meaningful ones", and we are aware of what we can do. That is bringing our students closer to English community. And we hope you, English speakers, can give us a hand. Our purpose is to create a multi-culturally educational environment. Do you agree with us that experiencing life with local people is the best way to learn a new culture? Therefore we offer you volunteering positions so that we can help each other. You will help us with English practice. And what you can get is not only accommodation, food but also very Vietnamese lifestyle, local friendly people and a memorable experience.

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