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I am a single mother with one little boy. We would love for someone to come and stay in our home for happy times together. We live in an apartment in the best area of the city- Besiktas. It is the most centrally located area where you can access all the famous sites in Istanbul. We also have a weekend home in Bahcesehir where we can host people. We are vegetarian, so the kind of food provided includes a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, bread, lentils, chickpeas, rice, bulgar, cheese, yoghurt, jam, butter, cookies, milk, breakfast cereal etc. I provide the food ingredients and you may cook and use the kitchen like in your own home. I wish to host people who are willing and able to conduct intensive lessons with him to improve his reading, writing and math skills. He is very interested in learning about engineering and loves doing practical experiments. My son speaks English and some Turkish and would not benefit from being taught other languages. Please tell me why specifically you would like to stay with us and your experience and qualifications in working with children. You will need to follow very strict rules regarding his education and diet. This role is very educational focused. Because I want to maintain stability in my son's life, I can only host people who can definitely commit to staying for a minimum of one month although we prefer people who can stay with us for much longer. You must agree to buying a Turkish SIM card with data when you arrive so you’re contactable. It costs around $10 per month. I can host girls or couples but for single males, you must already have references from prior families with young children that you worked with. I work full time and I am very busy all the time. I will try to help you with anything you need. I apologise in advance if our time together is limited. Please contact me a week or two in advance of when you want to stay. Also please note that we are not of Turkish origin, we are international, having lived in over a dozen different countries. Here are some guidelines I’ve written for our Homestay- https://docs.google.com/document/d/15fgZU9x567DH6YlnS-bGUGn29bR6uwrz-P8eE1FF3RU/edit

We like people who are warm and social and have a genuine interest in being part of our home. I work really long hours (around 80 hours a week) but I love to sit and talk together. My son is extremely social and friendly and loves to have people around all the time. It's importnant for us to mainatin a positive and fun atmosphere within the home.


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It was not like as we expected. Since the first day, the flight was delay, of course we notified to the host about it, when we landed, they told us "it's late to go the place that we said, please arrive to the home". It was our first time in Istanbul, so everything was difficult at the beginning, therefore we decided take a taxi to arrive to the place.(Of course we arrived late due to the previous situation and the host knew about it)When we arrived, she wrote to us, now look for a hostel to stay because it's late to let you get in. Such as the place and communication too bad, worst experience

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I can’t say anything specific about this volunteering since I didn’t have time to start. Unfortunately was a miss communication between the host and the person responsible she has at her house. the host has a pdf very detailed with all the duties is good to have a look before.
The place is big apartment with two floors and yes you will have you space.

about 2 months ago

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