Tenuta Santa Caterina

Our mission goes beyond simple hospitality. We want to offer you a complete experience, allowing you to interact with the surrounding territory. You can enjoy the stunning Cilento coastline, go on hikes in untouched nature, and participate in courses and workshops on topics related to sustainability, art, and local culture.

Join us to experience an alternative way of life, immersing yourself in the beauty and authenticity of Cilento. We'll be delighted to share the secrets of this fascinating land with you and make you feel part of our eco-conscious community.


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We will be happy to share our knowledge of organic horticulture and the local ecosystem, and welcome volunteers who are interested in learning and contributing to our sustainable way of life. Our vision is to create a harmonious environment in balance with nature.


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United States


This was an incredible experience. I immediately felt at home and Magdalena and Pasquale always ensured I had everything I needed. The work is scattered and not based on a schedule so be ready to help out wherever needed - especially when the kids are around. You get a great sense of the local culture and have the opportunity to meet many amazing people who will welcome you with open arms. Thank you for everything, I can’t wait to come back!

27 days ago



I did not have a positive experience myself. First of all, the host informed me that there will be other people in the guest house but the whole house was empty and at the time there were no guests at all. Even though i agreed to work 5 hours a day I had almost no responsibilities, which seemed weird. I felt uncomfortable especially with the fact that i was completely alone in the middle of nowhere with a middle aged man. Maybe it looks different when there are other guests/volunteers in the house, but for me I didn’t feel fully safe and decided to leave after one day.

4 months ago

Pasquale replied

Gentle Hanna, Sorry so much tò read you felt not safe, our goal Is to share the peace and lovely Joy of Life in touch with nature, beauty, art and histoy. Why you didn't comunicate that feelings, and Just acted you where Happy and fine? Of course we are in anisolated Place on top of a Hill and unforunatly not everyday there are other guest or volounteers, but u have been welcome with Joy and trying to give you all the best opportunities tò enjoy this experience. Dinner surf lesson, skate training and Temple visit could be not enouth, but consider that u arrived in the afternoon and the day after you got a Flight tò reach your family for your grandad sorrow as you told and we just were close to you and your pain. It's a pity you didn't enjoy, we understand we are a special place for special souls and we can't be loved by everyone, anyway we Hope you could come back in a new and maybe different working season tò enjoy more the mood of our Place and the Company that in the only night you spent here you didn't was so lucky to know and we would be happy tò meet you.

United States


My entire experience here was amazing. Everyone is so welcoming, and it couldn’t be in a more beautiful place. You become very connected with local culture, nature, and community. This is a great opportunity for anyone who loves nature, and doesn’t mind a little work. If you are looking to make connections with others, this is a perfect opportunity for you. I cannot thank the hosts enough for my beautiful experience here.

10 months ago



My time at Santa Caterina was truly one-of-a-kind and incredible.
Pasquale, Andrea and Bea are wonderful people who will go above and beyond to ensure your stay is memorable. From the moment I arrived, they made me feel very welcome. They gave us a chance to explore the culture and meet more amazing, open people after the work was done. It was a unique experience that I will be eternally grateful for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this experience so special, I’ll cherish it forever, Lieselot.

10 months ago



Really unique and enjoyable experience. The concept of time felt a bit different there, as there were no fixed work hours. Instead, there was a bit of help spread out throughout the day, which turned out to be really refreshing and relaxing. I think we ended up working more than the hours requested, but it didn't feel like hard work. Plus, we were one of the first volunteers, so they'll probably figure it out over time.

The hosts were really nice and friendly. They even took us to their "fountain" - the beach or the city - because the area is a bit secluded. But the natural surroundi

10 months ago

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