The Aloha Garden

Aloha, Pamela Tumpap, and Brian Kashima here and we will be your hosts. We are new to hosting these Maui stay/volunteering experiences but are excited to share Maui and our piece of paradise with you, along with gaining help with our passion project of creating an educational and sustainable botanical garden, farm, and plant nursery on 9.6 acres in Kula, Maui, Hawaii based on the Aloha Spirit (please see below). This project will not only be a legacy and gift we leave for our community but a legacy of and gift from all who help us create it. While a small nursery area, coffee farm, and citrus farm are in place, we are literally developing the gardens (in a variety of styles) and structures now which requires a lot of tasks and diverse skills. The Aloha Garden of Maui is located below Haleakala in Kula. The farm is at roughly a 1500 feet elevation and our site offers gorgeous views of the Haleakala volcano, along with bi-coastal views from Kahului to Kihei and Maui’s countryside. At night you can enjoy stargazing and basking under the Maui Moon. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 55°F to 85°F and is rarely below 50°F or above 88°F. We offer a camping experience with small campsite areas and tent accommodations on wooden platforms, with spectacular views, a fire pit, and seating to enjoy the night sky and more.

Brian is a full-time landscape contractor and I, Pamela, spend my days helping local businesses grow and thrive, but these days much of the emphasis is on helping them survive. During the volunteering week, Brian is up at the site daily as his base yard is also located there and can restock supplies. I mainly come up on weekends (given that my work has expanded significantly due to COVID-19) and some evenings. We want to get to know you and you us and learn from each other. We view the garden like a canvas, where everyone can come together to paint. We love learning from others and doing tasks collaboratively together and are willing to share all we know. On Friday evenings, we host a dinner barbeque around 6:30 pm, along with a big breakfast on Sunday mornings around 8:00 am for those who want to join us.


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