"The Cat House on the Hill"

If you love and know animals specialy cats than this is the place (shelter) for you. I have + 60 adopted cats, all in good condition, sterile and no flees. I also have 2 dogs and horses here at the property all of them where once "thrown away animals" yes also the horses. The cats are the most difficult to take care of as they live more are less in 4 groups but can mixe up. 2 cats live in an other house here on the land around the main house an other shy cat has her own room where she can go in and out whenever she wants. If you are interested I will explain more about the care taking.
Beside work we have beautiful beaches here and the nearest beach is at 10 minutes walking from the house. This is a place for nature lovers as it is quiet and peaceful (as long as the cats behave well). Town is at a 30 minute walk along the ocean where you can find little supermarkets (so they call themselves), restaurants, bars etc.
You can find the place on google maps with the name "La Hacienda Hostel".

"The Cat House on the Hill" is owned by me Karin (Belgium) who has lived in Las Galeras for almost 20 years. I have 9 horses and do customized educational horse trips for small groups in order to maintain the animals. The hostel is a big house with dorm rooms and two private rooms which I prefere to rent now on long term, myself I live on the first floor. For now 1 or 2 volunteers can sleep in a room shared with sometimes a traveler or an other volunteer. I don't cook for volunteers and you will have to buy your own groceries. Fruits most of the time available from the garden and drinkingwater is always in the comunal kitchen. What volunteers need to understand that this place is not a business but works on order to maintain the animals and pay the bills. The work starts at 7 in the morning 4 hours a day 5 days a week. Most of the work is feeding the cats, cleaning there bowls and the cathouse itself. It would be nice that some days you work a few hours in the morning and than go back in the afternoon for some work around the cathouse as weeding and cleaning up what cats leave behind to avoid nuisance odors and flies Very important is that you have to love cats and animals in general. Don't come over if it is only for having a place to stay in exchange for some work. What we do here it is with our hart.


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Daily tasks (about 7 - 10:30): sweeping & mopping the cathouse, cleaning the bowls and emptying & cleaning litter trays. The work isn’t difficult but you need to take your time and do it thoroughly.

Accommodation: * Basic small 3 bed shared dorm in hostel with fan (can be quite hot) * Interesting visitors: spiders, cockroaches, centipedes *15 min walk to a beautiful beach, 50 min walk to small town/closest shop.

I would recommend to anyone who is a thorough cleaner & loves cats but also someone who doesn’t mind insects & is happy living a quiet lifestyle away from the town/activity

2 months ago

karin replied

Charlotte i agree about the dorm room but how many times i offered you to go in to a private room...and you didn't want so don't complain about the room as it was your own choise to stay there😉
But know....you were one of the best volunteers i ever had what made it so mutch easier for me. Now it's me who is sweating, mopping and cleaning bowls (don't talk about colecting poop) every morning. Thanks a lot Charlotte i realy appreciate all the work you have done for the cats. Because it is not for me that i want people doing this it is for helping cats. Take care.

Czech Republic


Thank you Karin for this experience.
I would recommend this volunteering mainly to animal lovers. Taking care of the cats was not only about feeding and general cleaning, but also petting some cats and trying to remember the names :). Also the town Las Galeras is a great place to stay with many beautiful beaches around (which you will be able to explore after you finish the work in the morning). Not too touristy but a small town.

5 months ago

United States


My time at La Hacienda was peaceful and tranquil. While the work is minimal and Karin is a lovely woman, she can be rather particular about how it’s done. So just be sure to ask her to explain everything in great detail. The house is nearby many local beaches and hiking trails, so if you finish with the cats early you can spend the rest of your day by the beach! Overall a welcome change of pace for which I’m thankful.

9 months ago



La experiencia con Karin ha sido literalmente espectacular! Ella es una persona muy amable y gentil y hace una magnifica labor con los gatitos :-) Su casa es muy acogedora y se encuentra en un lugar muy lindo y relajante.
Aconsejamos a todo el mundo de venir a ayudarle, el trabajo es ameno y los gatitos son la cosa más linda del mundo. Karin es muy paciente y siempre nos ha explicado todo con amabilidad y paciencia. Seguramente volveremos a su maravilloso refugio! Gracias por todo Karin, ha sido un enorme placer encontrarte y nos vemos pronto! Valentina y Sonia

over 1 year ago

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