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Volunteering with us is not the usual tourist experience. At the Bihar Project, we are working to create a Prototype for an affordable, sustainable house: in a town that is struggling to deal with waste and a fast growing population. This project connects to the local and the global realities of climate change, politics of development and the human impact on the world around us.

Come here to learn, to work hard, to step outside of your comfort zone and encounter a side of India that few travelers ever do. We are hard working, and very chill :)

Come and see how it is to live in a small, grassroots global community.


Prashant Kumar and Ben Reid-Howells: The Hosts. We're two young people who left our jobs and homes and are doing a two year series of projects from India to Scotland, inspired by the notion of the whole world as one family: The Vasudhaiva Ride. When you come here, you join the family. We cook together, clean together, work hard together and when the work is done, play music. We believe its important to confront the real issues in the world. We try to live that in our day to day lives here. Come join the scene. :)


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My experience was one of a kind,
I lived in nature by a temple and i lived a simple life for a whole month,
Showering and going to bathroom in nature,
Drinking nature’s water and enjoying and feeling connected with nature along the way.
Prashant the manager of the project and all the works was way to friendly, they made me feel like home, and i got to meet a lot of nice villagers and i had actually lived and experienced the local life, doing prayers with the people.
I’d recommend this project to anyone that want to experience the local indian life and live nature while doing so.

6 months ago



It was truly a wonderful experience, from the moment I walked in,
Their genuine passion for their work and dedication to helping others really shone through in everything they did.
I cannot stress enough how much of a positive impact my visit is to The Centre of Resilience had on me. Not only did I leave feeling inspired and motivated, but I also gained valuable insights and tools that I can apply in my personal and professional life.
I am already looking forward to visiting again in the future. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking personal or professional development.

7 months ago



Was a such great experience work with those 2 guys that became brothers! They are fun and very helpful in everything. They tooth me mosaico art and I really enjoyed to make it in the upcycle/sustentable house that they are creating. Thank you for the opportunity! The world is for real one family (;

about 6 years ago

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