The Longfellow Castle

It is a one-of-a-kind place, with a one-of-a-kind host! I am a kind, easy-going, hard-working human bringing to life a Medievil-themed Castle in the middle of downtown residential Tucson.

It is an ambitious project and will require the contributions of many to bring the vision to life. I've hired formal help in some critical areas and will be depending on my hands along with friends, family, volunteers, and some contractors to get everything into place. I work fast, know a lot about Tucson, what places to visit, and want to help others both contribute to the lasting impact of the project -and- experience all that is Tucson, Arizona!

Hello folks! I have hosted all sorts of couch surfers from all over the world and loved every guest I have had. (Profile: I think these platforms, opportunities, and the people they attract bring a breath of experience and intrigue into the world. I am a kind, easy-going, hard-working human with a wide array of experiences. Some of my life experiences include... - Have built, climbed, designed, and assembled wind turbines - Created a very successful community startup business incubator - Have visited around 20 different countries and 49/50 of US States (Alaska I am coming for you!) - Run several different successful small businesses ranging from 2-15 employees - Lived only on wild harvested food for 30-day durations every fall for many years - Remodeled and fixed up houses - Lived in a tent for three months backpacking and a teepee for three months teaching primitive skills - Hiked, biked, kayaked, camped, scubaed, skied, surfed, and more all over the place! - I have a little adventure sidekick dog named Misha who loves all humans and follows me everywhere My staff for this project includes... A formal: Architect, Landscaper, remote support admin, mason, and a framer. A volunteer: Excavator driver, interior designer, mechanical engineer, and perhaps you! An Alec: Jack of all trades, master of none. A Misha: Cute distraction, food crumb cleaner.


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This has been a truly great experience. New to the area and with no place to stay, arriving and volunteering in the Longfellow Castle has given me an opportunity to slowly transplant into the community while contributing towards a unique project. I really have felt that every chore gave meaning and much value to what is to become a real medieval style castle.
I've felt so comfortable in my stay that have even asked my host for the possibility to extend my stay sometime longer. It is still undecided. But, I would definitely recommend this to anyone willing to experience the TUCSON AZ CASTLE

over 1 year ago

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