The Okoa Watoto Uganda

Enjoy your holiday! You’re on holiday, who doesn’t love a holiday? You simply visiting Uganda (assuming you’re behaving in a safe and ethical way) is helping stimulate a growing tourism market which employs a lot of people, on your own will just give us few hours of your weekend volunteering with us for the transformation of the community and , just enjoy yourself and the wonderful attractions that Uganda has to offer! Give blood. This may sounds exceptionally boring and will certainly make for some pretty terrible facebook photos of your holiday, but it’s important. You want to do a quick and easy activity that will make a real difference to people’s lives and is desperately needed in Uganda? Give blood! The Bugiri blood transfusion center is always very low on blood supplies and offers clean and safe facilities for donation.

we are a professional,self motivated,efficient and effective group of operatives that will make you smile all along your holiday.We even give full attention to our dear visitors to make sure that they are living in an open space were they can share whats on there mind and what bothers them in order to implement a few changes were necessary with an aim of making your holiday a very awesome one

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