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The Peace Project is a grassroots NGO in a breathtaking location on the shores of a volcanic crater lake, Laguna de Apoyo. We work specifically with the impoverished communities that live in and around the Laguna de Apoyo. Working with The Peace Project you'll have the opportunity to teach English, Math, Science, Environmental Science, Permaculture, Art, or Marketing and Social Media. We are always looking for artists, musicians, dancers, performers, writers, or anyone else with specialized skills that could be engaging and fun for the children of the local communities to come join us. We are open to new ideas! We also have a hostel and dive shop which support our community outreach programs and we are always looking for new and creative ways to market our businesses. We want the Peace Project to be a place where travelers, locals, and other NGOs meet, exchange ideas, and grow. Given our slightly more remote location the ability to become fully immersed in traditional Nicaraguan culture is greater than it would be in a larger city. This could be your chance to truly make an impact on severely marginalized communities who live around these unique volcanic lakes. We are a short bus ride from the gorgeous colonial cities of Granada and Masaya, in easy reach of other major destinations throughout Nicaragua. For $100 a week you receive a volunteer position, orientation, room, and board. If you choose to stay longer we can reduce the price based. Long-term volunteers preferred.

We are a small, tight-knit staff of both Nicaraguan and Western workers. We live, eat, work, and play together. This is a bilingual environment, appropriate for those seeking to improve their Spanish or their English. For an additional charge of $5 per hour you can receive Spanish lessons from our Nicaraguan Spanish instructor. We work hard (but the work is fun!) and we play hard. We are always open to new ideas for our programs and would love for four volunteers to stay long-term. Our kitchen provides great traditional dishes as well as some western fare (If you're a chef we'd love you to jump in and teach our local chefs the tricks of your trade!). The dorms are clean, quiet, and the beds are comfy.


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Absolutely amazing.
It's a great honor to be able to help the local community and an incredible time to spend at yourself at the same time. The other volunteers are great as such as the staff and the environment. I would have definetely stayed longer if I could ❤️

over 1 year ago

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