The Republic of Corn

Hello we are Victor and Lexie, We are living the life like the mayans do, we make our own hand made tortillas and we share the mission of preserving ancient corn seeds, we enjoy life and nature every day...

We are living the mayan dream, sustantability as our main goal. We Are working with mayan people from the community. We offer delicious food everyday and lots of mangos and coconuts...people will learn for sure to make traditional mayan tortillas :)

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I had a lovely time at the Republic of corn! Lexie and Victor made it feel like home for me :) i would recommend this experience for everyone that wants some time in the nature !

21 days ago



Volunteering at the Republic of Corn was a lot of fun! I felt very welcome from the beginning and had a chance to learn a bit about the mayan culture and their way of living! Planting corn and taking care of animals were my tasks. The week I stayed was very good for me to reconnect to nature. I could have stayed longer for sure!! :)

21 days ago

United States


It was fun taking care of the animals and learning about the native plants. The property, building, and experience is very unique. Victor and Lexie are very nice and easy to get along with. The beds/rooms are open air with a bug net covering the mattress. There is no signal or wifi and not much to do in the area, but it’s relaxing and a great way to reconnect with nature. We would do it again!

2 months ago

United Kingdom


I had a great time at the Republic of Corn! It was great to be out immersed in nature and there was just the right ratio of working. I would definitely come back again it was like entering a whole different world and I would recommend anyone to do it

4 months ago



Perfect get-away in the jungle, with helping to grow and maintain the farm. Planting different kinds of plants & nuts, and nurturing planted crops, feeding the animals, constructing new places, entertaining guests, etc... Very chill environment, the work almost doesn't feel like a job anymore. Ideal if you want to get back to basics and get to know some real local habits!

5 months ago

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