The White Tree Hostel

We are in Kosovo. Have you heard about Kosovo? Even though the war was finished on 1999 people still think it's dangerous and exotic place to visit. We are fairly new country but with great hospitality and great things to do. Our hostel is quite new but it's also quite beautiful, with a great outdoor terrace. The hostel is a family business run by Hana and Dren (her brother), Avni (her father) and Peta (her mother) helping her in any way possible. If you want a unique experience in the city where nightlife is almost the best in Balkans you should definitively visit us!

Since The White Tree is a family business it's run by Hana. Her brother Dren is her right hand and her father Avni and her mother Peta help her a lot in any way possible. Of course there are other people working in the hostel. We usually have 2 seasons in Prishtina. The summer season has more work and we have at least 5 other staff members, and on winter season we have mostly 3 staff members. All of staff members are young and very positive people. We definitely like people who are not afraid to talk to our guests, help them in any way and have a great time together. Almost forgot. We have a cleaning lady called Samedije which is the greatest woman you can ever meet.

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