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Tryon, NC is a wonderful little town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In addition to the natural setting, with hikes to many waterfalls and other scenic settings, the town itself has a great artsy and musical vibe. Close to Asheville, Greenville, and Charlotte, there are always places to go as well!

Very easy-going retired granddude (at least that's what my grandson calls me!) with one dog (a very chillJack Russell). I have converted my historic home in the center of town to a Bed & Breakfast. I have several projects around the house, such as gardening, painting, and light carpentry, but just as interested in my guests having a good experience here in the foothills and explore the area! It's a very social little town and you'll be able to meet many interesting people! I am also helping a neighbor perform some restoration work on his property, which includes basic archaeology and garden structure rebuilding. I have been hosting workers on and off for the last few years... everyone is treated with respect and given the utmost flexibility. Most of them have become friends with many in the town and several have made return trips. I use this site in the spirit in which I believe it is intended, for travelers to have a spot to rest while exploring. My house is one of the earliest in the town and right in the center of town, so there is lots to do! My response rate is abysmal as I don't get on and check mail enough... don't hesitate to send a follow-up note if I'm not quick to respond!


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We had a great time at Wilcox! Robert is a wonderful host that made us feel welcomed the entire time we were there. He gave us loads of tips on things to do and places to see. We also met many of the very friendly locals of Tryon.

The work itself was different every day, which made it interesting and fun. One day we would work in the beautiful garden, the next day we would help out cleaning the house. It was always reasonable, and the hours were flexible.

Robert - thank you so, so much for having us! We hope to see you again!

about 1 month ago

United States


What an amazing experience! Our host Robert was warm and welcoming. He has a lot of responsibilities in his community and we were there to help along the way. We learned the history of the people and events of Tryon while helping clear out old homes. The work was a bit strenuous at times but nothing overbearing or beyond our comfort levels. We also helped with maintenance work around his beautiful home. The hours of work were flexible. Robert is very laid back and will allow you to take time exploring Tryon. We had so much fun with the locals and the area. We will definitely be back to visit!

about 1 month ago



At first you think... "How much fun could I have in this small town?", and the short answer is "More than you could ever imagine...". This was one of the best experiences of my life, that town is definitely magical, I don't know how to explain it, but it is. I met so many people that at the beginning I though I wasn't gonna remember any of the names, but I remembered all of them!!! Every single person had something to remember them for, and they're all so welcoming, kind, fun to be around, it's amazing. Don't let that little town fool you, there is always something going on there, ALWAYS!

about 2 months ago



This experience was wonderful. I recommend this for anyone who wants to engage with the local culture of Tryon. It truly is a unique town. There is a lot of history and culture to be discovered. I enjoyed hearing the history from Robert and connecting with the locals. If you’re into botany, nature, and interesting conversations … this is your place <3

PS: Definitely checkout Melrose Falls!

8 months ago

United States


Robert, the host, was amazing. He was generous, attentive, and caring. He picked me up at the Asheville airport and had a friend drop me off.

It was my first time as a WorldPacker and he treated me with trust and respect. He provided just enough information for me to constantly be able to see when something needed to get done, so I could have the ability and confidence to take the initiative (which I love!) to do what I knew he needed to keep things running smoothly. FYI Restaurants and the IGA grocery store have limited choices free from gluten, dairy, and sugar.

9 months ago

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