Thika Youth Pastoral Centre

We operate a robust quality assurance programme. All of our homestays, guests house and hostels are assessed in accordance with a rigorous checklist of minimum standards that we require (covering cleanliness, location, home facilities, fluency in English and number of people in the home for example). Also, each programme that we offer has been assessed (in person) by 2 members of Youths Organization, including at least 1 member of our Volunteer Committee. These assessors have made sure that the programmes offered are genuine so that volunteer time will not be wasted. As already noted, we have also established a Volunteers Committee to work closely with management to advice on issues affecting the organization and volunteers.

Our programmes are at grassroots in that volunteers day to day activities are carried out on the ground, in the midst of the community, and among local people. You will have the opportunity to volunteer with a number of local community-based organizations and personnel, including , churches, home-based care workers, social workers, hospitals, health center dispensaries, community centers, and schools

We offer a variety of extra Adventures for volunteers in Kenya including Maasai Mara safaris, hiking and biking trip through beautiful national parks, and weekend getaways to tropical beaches on the Indian Ocean. We also offer a range of mountain climbing trips, from Mt Longanot, to Mt Kenya, to Mt Kilimanjaro at subsidized cost!

We guarantee security and safety to our volunteers during their stay in Kenya by providing a social worker to accompany a volunteer throughout the volunteering period

My team and I are 24 hours available and it's our key objective that our guest's safety,expectations,needs and comfort-ability is achieved. we are always there for our guests. most of the staff members are out going, love socializing, interacting with people and making new friends this way we are able to bond and interact mutually with our guests or volunteers. This way we are able to familiarize with our guest faster,& in a social and professional manner. It's our solemn trust and believe that during the humanitarian cause or stay of our guests/volunteers, we will not only yield, good social life interaction experiences but also, by utilizing the volunteers to the best of their potential, we will be able to give them a rewarding volunteering experience so that together we can better achieve our goals. As I highlighted above, our guest/ volunteer comfort ability, safety expectations, needs and security is key, therefore we can best assure our volunteers only the best. The mood, feeling and the environment is promising, I assure our guests/volunteers that they will always want to came back, and as i like calling it all the time, its home away from home.

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