Tigoy Organic Farm

travellers can learn visaya which are the local language and tagalog which are the national language in the philippines, explore the touristic place like tinuy an falls, enchanted river, britannia beach and many more plus eat organic food right from the farm and fruits like marang, durian, pineapples and more. organic gardening is available too.you can learn the culture from the local people talk to them as they welcome you all with smile and friendly gestures. they can interact with the local people speaking to them and language exchange , they can also learn tagalog and bisaya from the local people. mostly people here can speak and understand BASIC english so it must not be a problem. thought this experience they can learn to measure their skills, how they can adapt with different cultural environment and learn to be independent. taste local cuisine, shop for local souvenirs,taste exotic food like balut, eat the local tropical fruits in the farm,explore the sights and sounds of bislig, the hot springs, the falls, mountain hiking, swimming in the beach and drink local beer and tuba(fermented coconut juice), and eat the famous kinilaw. riding tricycles and trisicad. all of this you can experience from the heart of bislig., Mangagoy.

I am jojie, just called me tingoy,I speak little english but my sister can speak english very well.Me and my brother own the farm,It is 4 hectares for now because we sold the rest of the farm that own by my dad for his operation, and this farm was obtained in 2004 , all of our crops like coconut, pineapples ,falcata etc are being wipe out with the typhoon pablo in 2011 and 2013 so there is nothing left.Now we started planting last 2015 for coconut, falcata and some pineapples but marang fruits are still here. one small house to rest, I raised chicken and dog, mostly the trees here are coconut, falcata, abaca fibers, no electricity but the air is so fresh with surrounded with natures, river and accessible clean water. free 2 meals and stay in a homestay after dark.there is an electricity in the house not farm you gonna stay 20 minutes motorbike from the farm. people who can work 4 hrs and have 2 days off will have the chance to explore the tinuy an falls, which called niagara falls of canada, and enchanted river which had an entrance of 1$ which you can swim with blue lagoon and cold and hot springs. which are accessible 1.5 hrs via motorbike and the falls will be 35 minutes via motorbike. you can use the motorbike of my brother for free.No electricity in the farm for now but you can sleep in our house with my dad and my sister.there is one room for volunteers which 2 people can used. the room has cable t.v and electric fan.We will not allowed the volunteers to sleep in the farm due to Martial law unstable peace and order in Mindanao and for your own safety.

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