Tipsy Turtles Hostel, Restaurant & Bar

Our hostel is located in the heart of Siem Reap. It has a very unique atmosphere and is close enough to walk to the center of town but far enough to escape the never ending party of pub street.

We are a hostel built by travellers for travellers. We have a great mix of western and local staff. We are professional's who believe in positive attitude and respect towards one another. We want all of our staff and customers to have a fun, enjoyable and memorable experience with us. Packers will receive clean and comfortable accommodation, food from our delicious menu and even some drinks to end the day. :)

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Tipsy Turtles was a great experience for me. The job was easy, sometimes a little housekeeping, sometimes work behind the bar, check in and out the guests, but I never felt overwhelmed. The local staff helped me a lot to understand my tasks and to make my job a little easier. The local expat community was also very interesting , during my one month stay I met with a lot of interesting characters. The hostel was comfortable, the services for me included free meal, private room and drinks. If you are a social person and like to work in hospitality, I would definitely recommend to go for it!

4 months ago

United States

The best way to describe my experience at Tipsy Turtles is by telling you that I extended my stay there from one month to two and that I plan on moving back to Siem Reap to work there again in the fall! Tipsy Turtles is a refuge from the craziness of Pub Street but still with plenty of fun and lots of good conversations. The work is simple and enjoyable, and the community of workers and expat regulars includes some of the best people I have ever met. Some of the excursions we took together were the highlight of my time here. I can't recommend this experience enough!!

10 months ago


my experience at tipsy turtles hostel was really icredible!! it's a place where u meet a lot of travelers everyday and u can share a lot of things! the environment is realy great and funny! i've met very interesting people overthere! and what i can say about the hosts.. they was realy great people! very flexible at all! and usualy making all what they had in their hands to make your stay be great!
i only can say that i'm just waiting to get some money and go back! i recomend it 100%

thanks for all the staff:)

over 1 year ago

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