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My experience at Transilvania Hostel was awesome. Hostel is very comfortable and very good, located just in the center of the beautiful city of Cluj Napoca.
Duties are not so hard and during the evening you can meet with guests for a palinka tasty and then we used to go to a delicious traditional romanian restaurant and after that hang out in a bar in the old town.
Host are very friendly and the staff are simple amazing and helpfull!
Thanks a lot all of you ladies and guys for made my experience more than unforgettable. For sure I'll be back.

8 months ago

United States

Transylvania Hostel is an excellent volunteer opportunity that should not be missed. The hosts are perfect in every conceivable way; I will miss them immensely. You will be enthusiastically welcomed to the team, and uniquely challenged by an array of responsibilities ranging from housekeeping to entertaining guests. I have no reservations in stating that Transylvania Hostel is perfect for the Worldpacker and backpacker, alike. I guarantee that your expectations will be exceeded, and you’ll find yourself saying on the way out: “Wow! That was a heck of an experience that I’ll never forget!”

9 months ago