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We`re a great way to get to know Tromso. There is no expectation of our volunteers to work many hours, but rather to be a part of the community. A lot of the time we like to work on projects such as art, photography or carpenting of some kind. We also love to do small hikes, and there is many opportunities to do that. Many of the volunteers from the hostel still live in Tromso and often come by to say hi.

The hostel was started by me (Robin) and some family members. We have a hostel dog called Burger who loves to be scratched on the back and to lick faces. We like to go on daytrips sometimes in the region around Tromso, or to go out to a bar nearby.

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Working at Tromsø Activities Hostel for a month was an amazing experience! The volunteers frequently organized hikes and outings together. I often had time to go on a hike AND do my 2-3 hours of work for the day.

It was cool when Robin asked what skills all the volunteers had, and I ended up sewing to repair bedsheets, and making signs. Other volunteers made shelves and painted.

Robin and Naoko are very generous and really want the volunteers to enjoy their time in Tromsø. (:

7 days ago



The hostel was the perfect place for my first worldpackers experience! The work is exactly how it is descriped in the profil which gives you so much free time to explore the city and it's surroundings. Robin and Naoko are very kind and great hosts. This is also a place where you can meet many people from all over the world and make new friends easily. 100% recommended. :)

20 days ago



My first experience as a volunteer has been wonderful at this hostel. Robin and Naoko are wonderful people and the work was very well organised. You meet people from all over the world and you also have enough time to explore the city and its surroundings. I would recommend this experience 100%.

about 2 months ago



Living and working in the Tromsø Activities Hostel was an all-around learning experience that I would truly recommend and do it all over again.
Not only you can visit such a unique place in the world but you will have the opportunity to meet and compare daily with several travelers so different from you and one another, which leads you to understand and see new points of view. It helps to become more independent because Robin trusts us volunteers very much and expect from us self-management and problem solving. Once part of the group you will immediately feel part of it no matter what.

2 months ago



My first volunteering experience has been amazing and I can only recommend this place if you are looking for connections with wonderful people from all over the world. I felt welcome from the first second on and I felt like home until the moment I left. I made so many beautiful memories with all the nice people I met during my 3 months stay in the hostel.
The hostel is the perfect place if you want to explore the surroundings because you have a lot of freetime to go for hikes, aurora hunts, snowaboarding and more
The hosts are super nice & flexible and the communication & team work is top!!

5 months ago

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