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We`re a great way to get to know Tromso. There is no expectation of our volunteers to work many hours, but rather to be a part of the community. A lot of the time we like to work on projects such as art, photography or carpenting of some kind. We also love to do small hikes, and there is many opportunities to do that. Many of the volunteers from the hostel still live in Tromso and often come by to say hi.

The hostel was started by me (Robin) and some family members. We have a hostel dog called Burger who loves to be scratched on the back and to lick faces. We like to go on daytrips sometimes in the region around Tromso, or to go out to a bar nearby.


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To summarize my 4-week experience: it was heartwarming and totally wonderful! The host and his wife are very caring, helpful and sweet and my working hours never extended the limit. I’ve met many lovely international people and we even tried hunting for Northern lights. And Tromsø is just beautiful. Thus, I was really satisfied with the work at the hostel, Tromsø and all the time I’ve had for my hiking adventures!

15 days ago



I felt like home since day one! It's a place with a very cozy atmosphere. I came here in low season, and the work was a bit low, but there are always guest, so you won't get bored.
Robin and Naoko are really lovely hosts! The have lots of experiences, and I really enjoyed long talks with them.
And the relation with the others volunteers here was really great! It was like being in a big family!
And the City, it's beautiful! I still have a lot of places to go around! Also get to go in some of the Northern Lights tour, which I can't describe in words.

12 months ago

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