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Why Turnbulltech Training College?

My College offers core courses here to people with no disabilities as well as courses to disabled people. When registering, all students get a chance of learning the courses they prefer depending on her/his choices and skills.

There is a challenge for deaf students during class hours, but the teachers have improved their participation by having a Translator who is always helping our special students understanding the classes through Sign language translation; therefore I'm sure you will have a great time sharing ideas with disabled people through their studies in class.

We offer three kinds of courses: computer applications, full secretarial training (I, II, III) and hotel management. And we also give students the chance to study foreign languages, so that they can improve their English and learn other important languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German, too.

Most students' age ranges from 17 to 25 years old. They cooperate very well in class with each other. They are hard working and respectful, and attend classes following a daily schedule from Monday to Friday. However, they may go to school for self-study on Saturday.

Volunteering at my place will give volunteers the great opportunity, when classes are over, to see wild animals, Historical sites, Museums and Landscapes which surround us. All of these are found in our Iringa region, few kilometers from town. But also he/she will be interested in our local culture (for example, the Hehe tribe culture) and in a beautiful city, enjoying pleasant weather conditions and exuberant African plants, trees, flowers. In addition, volunteers will be interested in Water falls found at Udzungwa National Parks where Red colobus monkeys species may be seen, as well as spot the tallest trees in the World.

Furthermore Iringa is within Southern highland zone in Tanzania and the government has appointed Iringa as the centre of Tourism in Southern highland zone. When you come here, you will hear people saying "Welcome to Iringa, a world-class tourism site" because of the attractions we have here.

Our region is a very, very beautiful place for people to live and engage in a variety of activities such as innovation social projects and humanitarian help projects. People in Iringa are very kind and humble to others especially all guests in and out of the nation. Visitors who come to Iringa are always impressed by the generosity and kindness of our local people.

I would like volunteers to know that they will enjoy meeting our people in Iringa and our tourist resorts, including the biggest National Park in East Africa, Ruaha National Park, and other National Parks such as Kitulo Flowers Park and Udzungwa National Park without forgetting Mtera Dam, where electricity is generated.

If you would like to go out of Iringa to visit other attractions, you have the option of choosing from several options: Gombe National Park, Mahale National Park, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Mikumi National Park, Kilimanjaro National Park (Kilimanjaro is the largest mountain in Africa), Manyara National Park, etc. But also Kidatu Dam in Morogoro, Nyumba ya Mungu Dam, Amboni Carves found in Tanga and beaches like Coco beach in Dar Es Salaam, our biggest city.

I warmly welcome volunteers to my College. We will share a lot of experiences in our courses and also you will discover many things about beautiful Tanzania and its friendly people.

I'm very very humble because I'm a real Christian under the Anglican Church so I promise I will do my best to help you enjoy your experience once you arrive here. I value everyone in my life so I treat them with respect and consideration. My staff is also warmhearted and are eager to welcome international volunteers to our training centre. Our volunteers will get big cooperation from my staff every day they need anything. Feel free to let us know if you have questions or suggestions and all of us will try our best to help you. Thank you! We look forward to meeting you here in Iringa, Tanzania, Africa.


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Mi experiencia fue espantosa.Para nada es un voluntariado, es un auténtico negocio y el chico de la escuela lo único que hizo fue utilizar mi imagen para sus negocios.A parte de eso tuvo un par de gestos bastantes desagradables conmigo.Tiene engañado a todo el mundo contando su “historia”.Para nada es lo que parece. Es una persona que se creyó en todo momento que yo era algo “suyo”;que le pertenecía.Quizá y tristemente por ser mujer se creyó superior a mi y con la posibilidad de tener algún tipo de relación más haya de una “amistad”.Mentalidad totalmente retrógrada y NO ES UN VOLUNTARIADO.

6 months ago

Daudi replied

Honestly I decided to stop her stay at my school as I am a Director within a couple of days because of her bad behaviour and bad attitude she was having-such as disliking all my staffs, disliking some of students, she was bringing people from outside of the college and having the classes to our students without me know anything about them, means without informing the college's administration about them before the classes, bad attitude and notion she was having that we are poor we are depending her our living that was not good and I hate it to me because I know where we came from with one desktop computer starting a school!, also she normally think that money can buy anything she want. I have all her messages from a first day so To me Humanity, Wise & Respect is very important in my life.

United States


I loved volunteering at Turnbull Tech! Daudi is very welcoming, and the students were very excited to meet me. In the classes they students are a little shy, but once you get them involved, they open up and talk a lot. This destination is in a unique city, up a mountain, and quite beautiful. The teachers at Turnbull are very accommodating and help you learn about the town, get food and give you plenty of fun things you can do in the city. I can't wait to go back!

6 months ago

Daudi replied

Honestly, I liked your performance in and outside the classes, also I was so happy with your commitment of coming at Turnbull Tech College because you brought to us many skills especially to our students and my family of Turnbull Tech in general. Everyone was so excited for everything from you from a first day you arrived here in Iringa, really we want you again at college just for helping our fashion classes and designing very unique styles about clothes. Karibu tena dada Olivia nchini Tanzania -Africa



Mr Daudi Kingalata is super welcoming, very supportive and very positive. He is flexible and easy to work with. He will go out of his way to make you feel welcome and at home. Daudi is an entrepreneur with a big heart and strong core values around helping people. His college supports the tuition for 3 – 4 poor students. I have also watched him provide very generous support of the small Anglican church’s building fund in his small home village.
We have become good friends over the month that I have spent volunteering to teach conversational English at the Turnbull Tech Training College.

11 months ago

Daudi replied

Mr. Neil is a good friend to everyone therefore I liked him from my heart the way he was and taking many things seriously about developing Turnbulltech vocational Training College. Further more he did a great work for helping students in groups to learn English language fluently, he developed a new idea of starting a company which is "Turnbull Tech Computer Repairs " and also he was a good advisor of having the strong strategies in both projects every year.
But also he provided to us his good thoughts on how we can expand clothing and textile program ( Sewing machines ) and having like "Turnbull Tech Manufacturing" then one day we can find the market of it abroad of my country including his country ( Canada )He know me very well that I want to be a big business man and helping my community effectively.



I found Turnbull College when I researched my route from Lusaka (Zambia) to Moshi (Tanzania). The project is right halfway through the Iringa region. Everything was a big surprise for me: the small town, the community, the project and especially Daudi the host.
Daudi has a big heart, he was super careful and considerate to the point of becoming a good friend. He is responsible for the project and works very responsibly. If you can, don't go through the region without visiting this project first. I really recommend.

about 1 year ago

Daudi replied

Actually my friend Tayke was a sociality person here in Iringa, he helped us alot how to have a strong connections with the community around the college, how to have a big team about our project, expanding the project everyday through students and other people out of the college and finally linking with the institutions, companies, colleges, Schools and an oprhanage centers. We are appreciate more his great work he has done about our project in Iringa. Thank you Tayke for coming at our college, please welcome again next time although we still in contacting each other.



Daudi is an excellent host! Nice and talkative. It was my first time in Africa and he really took care of me. He was always caring about my safety and wanting me to enjoy the Tanzanian life. He wanted me to be happy and to enjoy every time. I felt really welcome!
About the volunteer activity, Daudi is really open to let you do whatever you want for help. He let me to be free to choose.
I started teaching Spanish language, but after a week, the student had holidays. So after that, I helped them with some administration stuff, what I really enjoyed to do.
Thank you! And see you next time!😃

about 1 year ago

Daudi replied

I thanks God because you decided to come in Tanzania directly. Really Camila from my heart I would like to say that you have done the great things to my college within a short time which we will never forget you also I liked your creativity, knowledgeable, humble, hard worker and always charming. I hope one day we will meet again because life still changing everyday in the World the big deal is a live.

Keep in touch contacting each other my friend Camila

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