Announcement valid for "ONLY THE BRAVE": This is not an Hotel, Hostel or a B & B ... But just a small and simple farm where there is always something to do... I need guys that fit easily into a rustic and pragmatic lifestyle. The weather here is normally very good, but during the winter it may be a bit cold at night. If you have a sleeping bag it is definitely better. It is not the right place for girls because they need more comfortable accommodation and a different bathroom. If you need more information, ask...

1 - Free wifi connection 2 - The house is very small... but no worry, I have some caravans close to the house where you will sleep. Better if you are equipped with your sleeping bag 3 - My elder mother lives here with me, she have 85 years old. If you have no patience and respect for the elderly people, find an another place to go ;)

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