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Neelam is such a great host, Charlie its's such a good boy, the food is good, It's close to station so you can travel to London easily, the neighbourhood is beautiful and lots of things to see.
The house is safe. Neelam is very patient and explains everything clearly.
Hope to come back when i next visit

about 1 month ago



The apartment is well located. The area has everything you need , is easy to go to London from there.The station is just in front of the apartment.
The food is delicious and Neelam is a great host , very approachable and flexible.
Tasks and schedule are simple and easy to follow.
I enjoyed my stay with Neelam and Charlie. I think i can learn life skills by taking care of a child and had the opportunity to have this great experience.

2 months ago



Neelam has been a great host. She is friendly and approachable, and Charlie is really energetic and fun. The location is super easy to travel to and from and safe with lots to do. The dinners made were always tasty. Tasks are simple and shown in advance so there were no problems. Overall it was a positive experience.

3 months ago

Costa Rica


The location is good, is in Zone 5 so 30 mnts to London. Dinners are very yummy, breakfast and lunch are basically toast w additional ingredients that you bring along. Can't cook there
You don't get private room per se you either sleep alone in there but is where the other volunteer's and some of Charlie's things are so they'll need to come in while you're there or you sleep in the living room
It is a bit rigid in therms of schedule and rules, you can only come in the house when Neelam is available to open door during your time off you're ask to spent the least possible amount of time there

4 months ago

Neelam replied

Lunch is not provided but there is bread available. Breakfast is continental so toast, cereal and milk and weekends may have other extras - Nicole wasn't there long enough and never woke up for breakfast

Nickole was in a private room and no-one went in there during sleeping hours. Also note this is not a hotel or a room rent and our home so our things will be there.

She chose to stay in the room sleeping night and day for the majority of her stay, the first few days being asleep until 4pm as she was sick, which is not healthy in the heat. I encourage people to get fresh air but I do not tell them how to spend their time.

No one went into the room whilst she was in there without knocking and being invited in first

Nickole never slept in the living room so she cannot really comment. Please read comments from others and see if they are OK

The key is shared between the volunteers and cost is £50 so a deposit of £40 taken. Nickole basically said she was short of cash and demanded her deposit back, which i think it's rude. On the final day there she was acting strangely and felt as if she was trying to get rid of me from my own house.

The key was required by the other volunteer for nursery pick up.

I have never said you cannot come home nor do I dictate how you spend your time off. However, if you stay up all night then don't wake up and I am waking you up when we are late is not acceptable

When I mentioned problems in timings etc she mentioned having some issues at the moment that are not appropriate for a childcare position, and upon re-visiting the profile, I see she does not have any real childcare experience. Also, have these issues been addressed at the beginning, we would've avoid a lot of situations. I wish honesty was disclosed at start.

You would often wear a full face of glitter makeup when going to the nursery to pick up Charlie which I don't believe is appropriately presenting yourself in a childcare role.

The schedule and rules are related to cleanliness, respect, ethics and the safety of my child. With childcare a schedule helps everyone and nearly every volunteer I have had or spoken to previously has asked for a schedule to be provided.

When you were committed and up, your quality of work was great and I could trust you without providing constant supervision, but you also would not follow my instructions and would lose attention often.

Overall I think you should stick with evening positions where you will be able to stick to the sleep schedule you are accustomed to.



I had the opportunity to join the family for another week. In the meantime we traveled to Brighton & Hove. The standard and the agreements from the past experience kept the same with clear communication. I was happy to spent more time with Charlie during his holidays. He's a lovely boy.

4 months ago