Why am i here? I think to receive host and help! Because we practices sports! Because We are a family. Because we love hosting people from the other side of the world! :) For two years, i belong to the CS CouchSurfing, hosting travelers. Working ike teacher and engineer, i got very good skills to pass on the others. Whether you has ben finished your university graduation, and you are looking some help, to do the professional intership, and or you are doing yourCourse Conclusion Work, in the engineer area or similar; I can help you to do that as well. I was ownering of one engineering enterprise for almost 15 years, and had many students finishing their studies with me. Almost every weekends we have Basic Sail Classes! This opportunity can give good skills, for people wishing to join a sailing crew, in regata around the world. We are developing others amazing experience to our guests like diving and Oceanic Sail School (coming soon). See you at our beach! Good Winds!

I use to make some repairs here, like painting, gardening, etc I use to fish, becouse I live close the sea! I have boats also! I am a teacher and engineer. I always live very close young people, students and workers.


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My experience started really good, Denis was very hospitable and shared a lot of his experience in sailing and other activities with me. He couldn't spend enough time talking to me and told me his door is always open to me. Unfortunately this behavior changed completely after some incidents – it was about misunderstandings that could easily have been clarified or even prevented if Denis would have spoken openly with me. Instead he blamed me for everything and was absolutely uncooperative. I tried to solve the problem but he completely refused to talk to me. I do not recommend him as a host!


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