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Well, for starters.... we live in a gorgeous area of northern New Mexico. Spring/ Summer and Fall are magical here! We are building a grief sanctuary - (a service I feel will be of great need in our collective). And are deeply kind, soulful, reverent, artistic as a small interdependent community. Privacy is well respected here, as we are introverts in need a lot of alone time, though come together often for meals, collaborations, running, swimming and more!

My name is Aimee and I purchased this land 3 years ago. Since then, I have slowly been building what I refer to as a 'grief sanctuary', that will one day hold ones (beyond myself) moving through various levels of deep grief. I am 36 years old, non binary (she/ they), an artist and musician, and presently listening to the land, collective heart and need for safe spaces to fall apart, recalibrate and metabolize grief inside our bodies. I have 2 dear friends that live in their own private spaces on the land with me. Sarah (she/ her), a licensed massage therapist and body worker, and Ben (they/ them), a musician and shelter work in Santa Fe. Together, we are building a sanctuary here, to eventually make accessible to underserved communities in need of witness, with-ness and grief support. We are very queer friendly, and seeking up to 2 aligned folks to live in the yurt on the property, who could co-habitate and create, with us for a couple months. Contact me (Aimee) directly to learn more. We are flexible with dates, and willing to work something out for the right person(s).

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