Unique Exotic Eco Hotel

We are a small and local hotel business in the beautiful fishing town in the peninsula of Samaná, Dominican Republic and would like to give some travellers the possibility to become part of the developing process of this unique eco experience. We allow you to have your freedom, and locally we have a lot to do here! We have waterfalls, rivers, beautiful beaches, hiking trails, caves and more! Our hotel existed for some years now, but is still new. It is the perfect place to enjoy the wonders of nature, learn from our eco-sustainable project, help in its development and influence us with all your positive vibes and energy.

We aim to be self-sustainable by design and produce some food already in our own land. We will produce renewable energy soon and have a basic recycling and composting system set in place already. Overall, we are using innovative ways to develop a unique experience. Our staff with various cultural backgrounds is already looking forward to meeting you: * Wuili our Dominican chef, * Erminencio, our Dominican gardenman and cleaning man, * Fernando & Thomas, the owners, from Argentina, * Alex, our festival expert from Spain, * Patricia, our yoga instructor and masseuse from Peru, * Ale Javier, our local tour guide * Lili, our booking expert from Germany * Sula, our bartender from America * and me, Alessa, from the Dominican Republic.

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